Tracks automatically dissappear ???and upload, then trick me there was two and one disturbing track today

  • 9 November 2015
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Tracks automatically deteet, I am only last night I reuploaded and then thik then there was two like to trick me, and today aswell, but maybe just aswell? or because I mentioned taboo subjects, or how terrible I thought my tracks were, and the last was disturbing I guess

and yeah it seemed to coincide with sharing, maybe picking wrong one of my songs then I noti ce the track can't be shared anynore, but the one last night was still in my library, but just couldn't share, but then delete, then upoload again then there was two...u mmm>?? and today

Is it because it was too disturbing, or I stated how much I didn't like the material, but it still been shared other places and had stats, now its gon

anyway of correcting this??

2 replies

oh do you need the names

I would especially like to get "Trajic love" back, but today yeah my track might just as well be gone, but that was called "mentalickavian banishing le pesto" but up to you , maybe I think about uploading again or something, just I shared it with the mental health facitlity, see I might now need to work on purifying from the parisites they lay on me, that track maybe truamatising
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Hi Ryan,

Is this the account that you are uploading to? If so, there are no taken down tracks on that profile.