Trouble enabling downloads from another website

Hi there. I use soundcloud to create playlists of my songs, and then I share them on my website using the embedding code. Usually I get a download button on my website so people can download them for free. This time in soundcloud I have once again gone through each song, gone to permissions and allowed downloads, however, the download feature is now refusing to appear on my website. Wondering if you can help? I am a free user of soundcloud. I use safari and my website is, using the X theme in wordpress. I am using OS XYosemite 10.10.5 on a macbook pro.

I can send you some screenshots if that's helpful.

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Hi there,

A screenshot would be helpful, as well as the URL of your website.

Thanks Mathis. The URL is Here are three screenshots. The first two, Singing in the Rain, and Growing Green, you can see the download button. The third on the album, Fish 'n' Cheeps, you can see the download button and function mission. From memory, there was something I had to do in soundcloud to enable the whole album to be downloadable. Very much looking forward for your help and advice. Kindly, Kylie (Just realised I can't attach screenshots - how would you like me to send them to you?)
Here are the images where the download function is present:

And the one where it's missing on the album "Fish n Cheeps"
Hi Mathis, hoping to hear from you soon!! With thanks, Kylie
Mathis, problem fixed : ) So pleased. I figured out where I went wrong and sorted it. Thanks kindly, Kylie
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Hi again,

Sorry for not following up in a timely manner - glad to hear you sorted this out though! :-)

All the best