turning off sharing with Pro Unlimited account?

  • 3 February 2015
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Is it possible to turn OFF sharing for audio tracks? I'm hosting an event that is registration only, and don't want event participants to share the tracks on social media or elsewhere.

I can turn off stats, and all that other great stuff, but can't seem to figure out if I can disable sharing

4 replies

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Hi there laraadler,

Thanks for posting. Hmm, let's see - are you the person uploading the submissions for your event, or are the participants uploading their tracks to SoundCloud and send you the link? The reason I'm asking: In your track's edit mode, the original uploader of the track can decide on the permissions for the track. Here's a screenshot that exemplifies this:

In order to get there, just go to the track page & click on the small pen icon under the waveform, then choose the "Permissions" tab and you're there. Once you're done editing, remember to click "Save changes" to make sure your edits are applied properly.

Hope this helps! Best of luck for your event :-)

Thanks Mathis -

I'm the event host, and I'm uploading the content. We tried those settings but the social media sharing link was still on the player - we added in code to the script (&sharing=false&buying=false) to prevent that SM link from being visible.

That worked, so we're all good now 🙂

Hi to disable social sharing where do you add the (&sharing=false&buying=false) sript?
Cool, was very helpful!
Do you have a similar solution also to avoide the "SOUNDCLOUDE" button that address to "play in soundcloud"?