Updating track image

  • 28 February 2019
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I added an image for my latest track as I uploaded it. today I tried to share to facebook to do a boosted post and it said the image has too much writing on it so I uploaded to soundcloud to share again. However, when I try to share, the post on facebook shows the image that was first uploaded not the latest one

Just to make sure it is not a cache issue, I tried another browser where I was not logged to soundcloud or facebook but the same issue remains

how can I make the latest image when I try to share it to facebook?

Any help will be appriciated

2 replies

I have this problem,too. Still wait for answer. 😛
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Hey there,

It is a caching issue after all, however not a local caching issue on your end, but on Facebook's end - they still have the outdated information saved on their side, thus sharing it produces the old image.

The good news is, this can easily be fixed with Facebook's debugging tool:

Copy and paste the link to your track and click "Debug". Now, when you share the track again, you should already see the new image in the preview, even before submitting the post. If in doubt, you can always test the sharing process by choosing the privacy options so only you can see your own post on Facebook after sharing 😉