Violation of the Patriot Act of the United States - Shall I file formal charges against your company

  • 21 January 2016
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You have blocked my "likes" as you know we have a digital law in the US that you violate when you do such a "censorship" of my freedom of expression, also you violate the Patriot Act, should I file formal charges against Soundcloud and have you removed from the US and all her territories for this violation of US law, you have no right to dictate what I like and how many times I like something you are a digital enterprise of foriegn ownership, as a paralegal for 15 year I am right next to the Federal Court house and Homeland Security who will block your entire company for this violation of this law. I want an explanation you are providing a service, you are not a government, nor are you allowed to break US law. My love of music, retail ownership of a record store I have the right to like and re-tweet anything you have provided for me to listen to, as these likes have, I assume, cleared your US copyright compliance, yet you have no right to censor myself or anything within my digital account as it is protected by the Patriot Act. I want and explanation or I will file formal charges with Homeland Security for your violation of not only my Constitutional rights, but violation of this US law, it will ban you from the US for 25 years, so I would strongly suggest to your legal team to research the law and its ability to remove you from the United States for what you have done, broken our laws, not Germany!

4 replies

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Hi Jimmie,

Here is the information you requested about our Feature Use Policy that is part of our Terms of Use.

Best wishes,
I do not care what you have written into your feature use policy if it violated US law then it is null and void under the law. I shall formal charges against your German parent company with Homeland Security today expect the federal marshal at your door as you are an accessory to a federal crime and can be charged as a US subsidiary and join them in the 25 year ban of doing business in the US and it territory, the Patriot Act does not care where or who you work for, Soundcloud is own by a foriegn company and you dear Gina shall me the first US arrest!
For your information my tweet about this reached 3.5 million twitter fans of min and is going has had 17 more hits of my entertainment friends and there millions of followers, you have messed with the wrong person, especially when my family is the lt gov and secretary of state for this state, you may know my other cousin Laura Crawford Bush, my great grandmother great grand niece, or my most famous relative Justice of the Supreme Court Stevens, along with my other 52 Federal judges that are my cousin on all circuits of the Supreme Court, good luck Gina, hope you love pelican bay! You should try to remember just who you are "blocking" as it may just be related to the entire government of California and Federal courts!
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