Why are you at soundcloud totally ruining this place and ignoring youre paying customers???

  • 22 August 2015
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Would love to know why you here at soundcloud are totally wrecking here what was very good to the point is an absolute mess of a site now,creating in a short space of time a very bad name for yourself?! whilst totally ignoring youre loyal paying customers aswell at the same time,you do come across as very ignorant and very very arrogant with youre replies when you can be bothered to reply that is?!!

6 replies

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well said
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Id like to know why I can still comment on here, and im still getting email notifications when I have deleted my account. YES deleted my account, reason being because of how you treat your paying customers, its disgusting whats happening on here, you guys lie and never give an honest answer, so full of shit its unreal.

Thing is Soundcloud bang on about this place being a community lol... they should check the meaning of the word.... All the changes you have made over the past 12 months has not once involved the community, you just do has you like when you like, talk about playing with peoples money...

You are a fucking joke Soundcloud, your name/ brand has become a laughing stock on the internet .

Glad I never gave you a penny of my money
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surprise surprise,no reply:)
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Hi Pinkie and 123,

We (the 2 moderators) don't work on the weekend which is why you didn't get an immediate response. As for the notifications@123, you must have created another account after deleting your previous one because you cannot comment on the forum without a SoundCloud account. If you wish to stop receiving notifications then please delete the SoundCloud account attached to this forum account.

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Lol you still didnt answer my question did you??? why are you runinning soundcloud and ignoring everyone who has said numerous amount of times how youre wrecking this place now,no ones happy with the play button thats gone off facebook,& you grabbing traffic from us artists,yet all thats happened is hardly no one clicks on the links now,ive had 1 in the last two weeks,my plays are down over 65% & more,yet you come out with rubbish about some are seeing benefits lol,what a load of rubbish that is and you know it!!
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