Widget Embed links to SC profile and other private tracks

  • 17 December 2014
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The widget I'm using on a Wix-built website links the user to my entire SC account via "View track" and the SoundCloud icon. I only want them to see the tracks in my widget. There are private tracks in my account that I would think would display to them as such. But once the user links in via the widget, they have access to everything. How can I add more restriction or disable the links in the widget? Thank you.

3 replies

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im not sure , but i think that if you make a <div id="widgetsc"> for your widget and copie /paste the link of your playlist in your < a href=" ">#<a/>...</div> or you can make the playlist with the tracks you made and ask the embed playlist html....

I hope that i cleared something out... i 'm just a friend with a computer and im learning webdesign for several weeks now....

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Hi Lou,

Thanks for your post. What's the URL to your website? This way we'll be able to troubleshoot specific for your case. Other then that - rest assured that in any case, people will only be able to see your public tracks, never your private tracks on If it seems as if this was the case at the moment, maybe you're also logged in to your SoundCloud account on the browser from where you click on the "View track" link on the embed?

In order to "clean up" a bit and have better control over which tracks are shown in the embed and which ones aren't, I'd recommend that you create a playlist (private or public, your choice) and embed the playlist rather then your entire profile.

Creating a playlist is nice and simple. To add a track to a playlist, click the 'Add to Playlist' button beneath the track's waveform. From there, you can select the playlist you want to add the track to. You can create a new playlist by clicking the 'Create new' tab like this: You can create a title and choose if you would like to make the playlist private or public on your profile as well.

If you need to change the order of the tracks within your playlist, go to its page, and click the 'Edit Sounds' button, which will enable you to drag the playlist's contents around and rearrange them. You can also update a playlist by adding new files later.

For more information, read our Help Center article about playlists here:

Hope this helps!


@Bert - thanks for your input once again 😉
Mathis, thanks you for such a quick reply and apologies for the delay but have been tied up creating the website.

While I had been cogniscent of the cookies, I think my problem was that I had songs that were individually listed as public even though they were in private playlists. Not sure whether I have that correct, but that part seems fixed now. However, I also have 140+ stragglers, tracks that are listed as public and not connected to a playlist. As they have been replaced, I would like to batch delete them. My current process of individual deletes is very time-consuming as I have to scroll through my catalogue after each delete. Can one batch-delete?

I also have a question related to the experience of the widget across different browsers. In IE11 it allows playback of more than one player and the pause button (under that specific condition) doesn't display. Should I open another query for this question?

Thanks so much!