Will the Twitter Account Connection and Auto-Posting Ever Return?

  • 23 January 2018
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A long time ago an auto tweet function existed where if I ever performed an activity on my account like upload or liked a song it would automatically make a tweet with a custom piece of text and provide a link to the song in question.

I did this quite often to support artists and help get them publicity while also building up my own social space but now this feature is gone and manual embedding is no longer a one-click process.

I don't know why the feature was removed but it was an integral part of my experience with the site to seamlessly just Like to embed a link.

Will this feature ever return to the site/app or is it gone for good?

I just looking for a simple yes/no from a Sound Cloud dev.

5 replies

Has there been any update on this function returning to soundcloud. This was an awesome tool, why was it removed?
I've only just discovered that this feature has been removed, when I dropped in to update my connection. I used to use the feature for the same thing.

Loss of groups, drop in sound quality, no new features for artists, and now this? It's almost like they want the platform to fail.
It's no surprise that the company is in crisis! your constant improvements are not always good! I used to press the button like it and it appeared on my 4-5 groups and pages in social networks. such as tweeting facebook, and more groups. return this button and function to promote my music and other artists. everything should be easy and simple. by pressing a single button. half a year this function is not present and to listen to your site already there is no sense!
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Hi there,

Unfortunately, I don't have any info about this returning to SoundCloud at this point. However, one way to still achieve a number of automated sharing to other social networks could be an IFTTT integration. Maybe something to look into?
I miss this feature as well. Please bring it back!