wrong stream showing up on wordpress

  • 20 February 2015
  • 15 replies

i have embedded soundcloud streams into our wordpress and the soundcloud item is intermittently changing.

from two different browsers, i saw the embedded player show two different items.

15 replies

I too am having that issue.
we too !! all our catalog is messed up....
I have the same problem. Everytime I reload my page a different playlist shows up. Users who visit my page get music from another user. We play rock, and users hear arabic music. What's wrong here? If I use the embed link to the album instead to the playlist everything is ok. But then flash instead of HTML5 is used.
We are having that issue this morning as well. My student journalists' Soundclouds have disappeared from their articles and the embed codes are pointing to random -- sometimes not school appropriate! -- songs. Please help.
I came here to post about this issue. A temporary solution is just to post the direct url and not the embed code. But this needs to be fixed pronto. I can't change 50+ posts.
+1 same happened here. Took us a while to figure out which players played back the wrong stream. We copy and pasted the embed code from soundcloud again and now it works. Still - it would be good to get any kind of information about any changes that might affect the content of the players.
Looks like it's been resolved. 🙂
Looks like it's been resolved. :)
not really... nothing changed. still random playlists or files
Looks like it's been resolved. :)
Sorry has not changed. Just tried the embed code as well as the direct URL as suggested above and still no go. This really needs to be fixed!
Looks like it's been resolved. :)
crossing my fingers - but mine is back to normal - for a minute at least...
Looks like it's been resolved. :)
Looks like whatever SoundCloud did fix our playlists and singles. We did nothing on our end. Very un-nerving.
We had the exact same problem this morning. Random music from Justin Timberlake or whoever was playing in place of our embedded tracks. In several instances, it was a song with explicit lyrics. I submitted a technical support request but haven't heard back yet. At least it is fixed now but I would like some answers as to what happened.
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Hi everyone,

Thank you for reporting this on the help forum. My sincere apologies that it it only now that I can provide an update around this. We had forwarded this asap to our engineers and they were able to fix this on Friday, so everyone's embeds should be back to normal by now.

If not so, please log out of your SoundCloud account, clear your browser history (cookies & cache) to give your browser a fresh start, then try again.

Thank you for your patience and again, thank you for reporting this and sharing info around that here on the forum - very much appreciated!

Looks like it's been resolved. :)
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