More ideas to expand your SoundCloud fanbase and reach a wider audience


Reposting a track or playlist by another creator adds it to both your profile and stream and pushes it to the streams of your followers. You can repost tracks that inspire you so that your followers can hear them too. Encourage other artists and fans to repost your tracks to help grow cross-profile promotion and heighten exposure on SoundCloud.


‘Like’ any track or playlist to easily find it at a later date, and to let the original creator know their work is appreciated.


Curate your favorite tracks, show off new songs from upcoming releases, or create back catalog playlists as a way to contextualize new projects. Build a dialog with your followers between releases with playlists that showcase your taste, or give fans a sneak peek at content they’ll want to repost in their feeds. The more active and accessible you are on SoundCloud, the more likely you are to be discovered. So keep creating and sharing so that your future followers can easily can find you.

Timed Comments

Timed Comments allow discussion and feedback on tracks. Fans can communicate with their favorite creators by showing support or offering feedback while creators can reply to comments and strike up a conversation with fans. Engage with people who comment on your tracks - building a community of fans helps your work gain traction.