About the Audio Quality of your Uploads

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The quality has gone down the toilet. Some tracks I've uploaded sound like a bit crusher was put over it when uploaded. I deleted those tracks.
You may not notice the difference but what ever you guys have done the quality has dropped so much I think it could be time to switch to spotify unless something is done and done fast.
Yup. SC has definitely reduced the quality of the music they stream. It's Popping and crackling on almost everything I listen on. Any track over any speaker I use will have audio distortion. It's actually really bad and has ruined SC for me. Lost my Pro Account for good.
I also just compared a SoundCloud stream to the MP3 I mailed myself. Both played from iPhone, the SoundCloud stream was obviously WORSE quality. Combined with the mobile app never updating when the track is re-upload - what is the point of SoundCloud? I want to support you, but even the Pro version I paid for a year ago sucked. Nobody seems to understand how SoundCloud works or what their model is. I'm moving to BandCamp.
As for me, music has a good quality on soundcloud
I recently uploaded a new track, as usual, SoundCloud squeezed it and the quality became disgusting. Analog drums turned into "plastic". It's a music service, now everyone has fast internet.

Why does the music service spoil the quality of the music?

I will post the tracks here until I find a better analog!