About the Audio Quality of your Uploads

  • 5 January 2018
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Hi there everyone,

There's recently been discussions in the community regarding the quality with which your uploads are streamed on SoundCloud.

We always appreciate feedback, but these reports are inaccurate. SoundCloud has not altered its approach to audio quality. We have been using the Opus codec (among others) since 2016, and we regularly test different combinations of encoding and streaming to offer listeners a quality experience on any device.

Furthermore, we store all content from creators at its originally uploaded quality level so we can continually adapt to advances in encoding and playback.

As always, if you believe you're experiencing any issues with a particular track of yours, please send them our way and we can help troubleshoot.

Thank you & all the best

36 replies

bandlab has better sound quality, and they let you upload as many tracks as you unlike bitch ass Soundcloud,,,,

sc 128kbps but best quality
I’m testing out SCloud quality right now, using Nuemann 310s and Focal SM 9s. It’s not Tidal HF, but for the Bach I uploaded yesterday, it DOES actually sound better than what I uploaded to YTube.

I have a regular account. Nothing fancy.

I did the same comparison about a year ago, and SC sounded ... not great. No top end. YouTube DOES eat more bandwidth, since it carries video. Thus in theory SC should have the edge sonically. Definitely not the case about a year ago.

There are of course lots of really crappy audio files on SC, just as there are on YT. That may be the original files themselves. SC needs to post its current KPS and format. That would go a long way to sorting this issue.
You can set the quality of streaming in the setting to "HIGH". App and website too.

THis is coming with GO+ subscription I guess. That means, who is not registered and doesn't have GO+, he will always listen to 64k shi* ... This compressing is completely destroying the art. Such a shame !!!

I just realized I paid for listening in higher quality, which I am really not interested.
I created my channel for demonstrating my mix and mastering skills for movies.

So if I send the link to someone, what is the chance he got GO+ .....huh?

Where is the setting for streaming? Not for listening !!!! I paid for it because I thought streaming means quality of my audio tracks. I am really really upset guys.

Nasty management" THis is what's going on here. So please stop blaming people about fiddling with new OPUS codecs. I'm gonna find another server. It was definitely a waste of time and money for me, CHEERS !
There's really nothing new I can add without simply saying "I agree".

I've been desperately trying lots of different mastering methods and audio files, and nothing has improved audio quality in the slightest. To say I'm pissed would be an understatement. It deeply bothers me that uploading the same audio file on YouTube (a VIDEO streaming service) results in noticeably higher-quality sound.

Why is it that some larger artists don't seem to have this issue? I can almost guarantee that if I were to directly download something from a big artist's page and re-upload it on mine, it would sound noticeably worse. (And yes, I know you're not allowed to do that. It's for the sake of example.)

Maybe I'm entirely incorrect in this assumption, but the fact remains that the audio quality of my uploads are completely degraded no matter what action I take.
I recently uploaded a new track, as usual, SoundCloud squeezed it and the quality became disgusting. Analog drums turned into "plastic". It's a music service, now everyone has fast internet.

Why does the music service spoil the quality of the music?

I will post the tracks here until I find a better analog!
As for me, music has a good quality on soundcloud
I also just compared a SoundCloud stream to the MP3 I mailed myself. Both played from iPhone, the SoundCloud stream was obviously WORSE quality. Combined with the mobile app never updating when the track is re-upload - what is the point of SoundCloud? I want to support you, but even the Pro version I paid for a year ago sucked. Nobody seems to understand how SoundCloud works or what their model is. I'm moving to BandCamp.
Yup. SC has definitely reduced the quality of the music they stream. It's Popping and crackling on almost everything I listen on. Any track over any speaker I use will have audio distortion. It's actually really bad and has ruined SC for me. Lost my Pro Account for good.
You may not notice the difference but what ever you guys have done the quality has dropped so much I think it could be time to switch to spotify unless something is done and done fast.
The quality has gone down the toilet. Some tracks I've uploaded sound like a bit crusher was put over it when uploaded. I deleted those tracks.
Yes, after reading comments from this I've decided to cancel my subscription. I definitely notice reduced quality in sound.

Does the audio quality reduction affect the "pro" users ? What is the real codec and bitrate used for free et pro users ?

I notice a difference as a pro user but not sure about your second question.
I've been on SC for about 8 years. For the longest time I was one of the biggest fans and evangelist because as a electronic music connoisseur there was no better place to find amazing music and new artists I would have never found previously. I only started producing a couple years back, and have been put off by the entire experience from this side of the fence...This is the first I'm hearing about the audio quality (I'm not very technical, so I just thought I was doing something wrong with my mixing and file conversions) but this does not surprise me one bit...its absolutely inline with SC's entire approach to the creators a marketer and entrepreneur I find it shocking that they try and make money off of power users that are providing them the content which allows them to exist.... But I went pro anyway because I wanted to simply replace some files without losing the history on the track. fast forward a bit and now I've produced too much for the regular pro account and I have to upgrade again?? Really? Wow! No thanks, I will just setup a bunch of free accounts and use you as you should be used...I just cant believe that in this day and age you have not figured out how to monetize your audience... Instead of developing services for creators to get what they want out of this (things like feedback from others, testing new genres, building micro communities of like minded artists, etc, etc) you do the laziest and dumbest thing ever...the opposite, you take advantage of the creators. Shame on you! BTW - I'm also on to your game of how you selectively bump up certain artists and throttle back visibility for others...this may be your jacked up AI doing it, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there are actual people behind the scenes playing SC God back there doing things like this. To leave this one a positive note, I do congratulate you for not deleting this thread and suppressing this communities outrage.

I am hearing quite a distortion on my uploaded files. I see there has been quite a lot of conversation about this over the past months and I see the moderator saying they can help troubleshoot if they have a specific track to look at. Here is the one I uploaded yesterday... I sounds very nice as the original file, but extremely weak and distorted in the streaming version. Can you help?
If I listen via the webpage it sounds terrible, like it's a low bit-rate mp3, and it keeps stuttering as if it's struggling to stream (I'm on 4g, so it's not an issue at my end). To be fair, it sounds ok via the app and with no stuttering.

I'd rather use the webpage as the app is clunky for comments and sharing. The cynic in me thinks this might be a change to force people onto that platform.
If I listen via the webpage it sounds terrible, like it's a low bit-rate mp3, and it keeps stuttering as if it's struggling to stream (I'm on 4g, so it's not an issue at my end). To be fair, it sounds ok via the app and with no stuttering.

I'd rather use the webpage as the app is clunky for comments and sharing. The cynic in me thinks this might be a change to force people onto that platform.
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On my side, I often find the high part of the spectrum seriously altered : artefacts, "flanger" effect on the hi-hat, hornpipes of flutes getting bad harmonics.
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soundcloud audio quality is not bad, I have a standard speakers and I dont hear the difference.

I don't mean to be rude so please don't take my reply that way.

That just means you're in a small group of humans that don't have a musical ear.

It's not a bad thing, its just because your brain and ears function at a different level than mine and other musicians.

SoundCloud was meant for the musicians to get their music out. They should cater to us. Not reduce our sound quality to save money in order to push passing audio quality to our listeners.

If you wear headphones and compare a track from SoundCloud and lets say a track from Spotify or iTunes Music, what you want to listen for is a computer glitch of sorts in the background.

It'll sound similar to the visual comparison of watching a YouTube video at 1080p and then changing to 240p.

You want the music at almost full blast, dont focus on the "front" sound, try to dive into the headphone speakers and listen to the background "noise".

It's there. That's a sign of compassion and low bit rate which means the high quality mixture of all the sounds in the music track have been essentially clipped or compressed down to where its not apart of the music any more and bow you're missing out on an aspect of the music.

It's like adding or removing a subwoofer to your sound setup.

SoundCloud 100% makes enough money to upgrade their codec to OGG Vorbis or even AAC and raise the quality at LEAST 256 kbps at 48000 KHz sampling rate.

You still get super tiny file sizes and a globally compatible sound format that also works well with streaming.
soundcloud audio quality is not bad, I have a standard speakers and I dont hear the difference.
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Soundcloud is the worlds largest music sharing social platform.

Yet its audio quality is shit.

I'm going back to YouTube.

130p video has better audio tracks than whatever Opus settings are being used here.

We all know how Opus works, and we all have ears.

If we are telling you that your settings are not optimal for our experience and enjoyment, maybe you should listen to us.

Bump up your Opus settings from 64kbps to 96kbps at the least...

Wait, what the fuck? Anything under 256kbps sounds like shit.

What a ridiclious website.

You better not delete my post either because then you'd be admitting you know what you are doing and purposefully offering shit quality audio as high quality experience.

Just make my explicitives astricks if you must, however, my choice of words most accurately reflect my feelings and expression.
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Is anyone else having every fooking time they play anything or their own sounds theres like a stutter, almost like two mp3 soundforms have been joined but not in sync, its absolutely disgusting that this place has ended up like this, its supposed to be about music yet youre sound qualities fooked tbh, it wrecks anything ive produced listening to it on here & thats on my pc, its going to put everyone off cos its fooking ridiculas in this day & age and where people like me have been paying for a pro account for years!

mathias why is there this stutter asin two joined mp3s but not in sync, it sounds absolutely terrible???????
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you know what would be some actual info?
"we used 128kbit mp3 before, now we use 96kbit opus, it looks like a decrease in quality, but studies(link) have shown that the perceived quality is actually better."

so simple.

Mathis, you write a lot and manage to say nothing. I don't blame you, must be hard for a support guy to defend stupid management decisions.

I'm done.
disabled auto-renew of my pro+ account after 3 years.
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Whats wrong with you soundcloud. I have exactly the same problem with my upload, It sounds terrible, especially in the high frequencies and only on this streaming platform. On youtube everything is alright
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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your continued feedback around the streaming quality of uploads.

As mentioned initially, we've not altered our approach to audio quality. We are working with a number of different combinations of encoding and streaming technologies, including using the Opus codec, among others. To learn more about codecs, FACT mag has written an interesting article that may be helpful in educating ourselves about today's streaming and encoding technologies.

If you believe you're experiencing any issues with a specific track, please report these cases and we'll help troubleshoot. You can also refer to our support resources, which include our Help Center, the Help Community, as well as our developer blog.