Elevate your listening experience with high quality audio, now included in Go+ subscription plans

  • 19 October 2018
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With nearly 200 million tracks from more than 20 million creators worldwide, SoundCloud has the largest catalog of music available. Now, with the addition of high quality audio streaming, SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can have quantity and quality all in one experience.

Starting today, SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can select high quality audio streaming. This means that the 30MM+ premium tracks available through your Go+ subscription and all content on SoundCloud uploaded directly in lossless or high bitrate formats are now available for high quality streaming. If you’re a Go+ subscriber and ready to elevate your listening, simply opt-in via your SoundCloud settings under “Streaming quality.”

When you discover a track on SoundCloud, it’s all about connecting as closely as possible to the creator’s sound and vision. With high quality audio streaming now part of your SoundCloud Go+ subscription, you can experience what’s new, now and next in music on a higher level.

Upgrade to SoundCloud Go+ today and get access to high quality audio streaming in addition to ad-free listening, offline sync and full access to 30M+ premium tracks without any previews.

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3 replies

Hey. I'm pretty sure a song has disappeared from my saved list and I can't find it any more.

It's teddy cream (kream.
The dj from Australia. And it's a song from the podcast (the drop).

Probs never gonna find it.
I think smaller, less mainstream artists should be more encouraged to put full tracks and direct downloads by giving them more in return. Can we please get 'soundcloud bux', a soundcloud specific currency we can purchase in bulk then use for various track and album downloads? Then also make specific donations to profiles, through an optional button anyone could have on their profile. When tracks and albums are available for direct download, the amount of downloads should be displayed first of the stats.
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Hey SoundCloud, instead of letting Go+ users get high quality audio, how about you stop making our sound quality from our tracks sound like crap? I ONLY upload WAV and HD WAV files and they sound AMAZING on EVERY platform EXCEPT for SoundCloud. Whats with that??? This has been discussed multiple times and you guys always say the same dumb thing. Put your artists first. Especially the ones that pay for Pro and Pro Unlimited. Thanks.