Follower count not growing explained

  • 10 February 2016
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If you get several notices of new Followers however your count is staying the same please read the following carefully.

The perception of followers not growing comes because we send notifications when people follow you, but not when users 'unfollow' you. This means in the same time that people follow you (which you're notified for), other followers may have un-followed you, which would lead your followers count not increasing by the amount that you were notified for.

Additionally, there are users paying for promotional services and fake Followers on SoundCloud. When a user pays for a fake Follow, a spam account is created that follows this user. That same account then follows other accounts on SoundCloud to appear legitimate. This is violating our Terms of Use. Our Trust and Safety team detects these users and removes their accounts along with the fake spam accounts.

The problem is that there is a delay for this action to have an effect on all the accounts the spam account followed meaning that the actual number of your Followers will take time to adjust while our system reverts all Follow actions made by the spam account.

An important note on the severity of spam: we remove 1,000's of spam accounts daily which has a huge impact on user followings.

How do you know if your account is being followed by Spam accounts? Take a good look at your Followers. Do you see many blank accounts? Accounts with no image or a username like User1234455? Also, do you see patterns in the images such as images provocative in nature? These are likely spam accounts. You can help us detect these fake accounts quicker by blocking and reporting them.

Our team is working hard to make the actions of spam accounts revert immediately to decrease the misconception of stuck followers.

Thank you for your reading. We will continue to monitor this issue closely.

-Mathis and Gina

Not problem if the number stays the same.problem is dropping.from 32.6k to 31.4k and still dropping
Please do something to fix my profile.
My follower count has continued to drop a lot of numbers for no reason? I dont buy bots im losing massive amounts of followers can you help with this?
i have the same issue.
I am a subscribed member of SC and every time a new follower is on my newsfeed i noticed that instead of inscreasing the follower count stays stuck or even decreases. Please help fix this. I dont understand why it keeps happening.
you are not alone in this matter , we also have this problem and dont understand why. we need this fixed also 😠
I have been getting new subscribers everyday but they don't show up at all. This is a very annoying thing I should be over 2,000 followers but its been the same number for over a year now . So I ask you what the heck is going ?
Please do something and stop ignoring users' needs!