Get in the Game with SoundCloud on Xbox One

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Hi there Community,

News from SoundCloud. We’ve built an app that seamlessly fits into your gaming experience and with access to millions of songs, you’ll never miss a beat. Xbox One users can download the app from the Xbox App Store and easily begin creating soundtracks that will get you in the zone and level up your gaming.

Whether you’re a SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Go, or SoundCloud Go+ user, you’ll be able to listen to your favourite tracks, playlists and our brand new feature, The Upload, while you game. And you can control playback with the sound of your voice using Cortana to play and skip tracks without leaving the game.

Get your game face on and download it now from the Xbox App Store :-)

The Xbox One app offers many of the traditional features of Collection, Discovery, and Search. We are excited to add more features as we go forward. Currently, the app's features include:

  • Collection: Liked tracks, playlists, albums, and quick access to content through recently played
  • Discover: Stream, Charts, and our brand new feature, The Upload
  • Search: Access to the ever improving search functionality with top results
  • Sign in: A seamless activation mechanism for Xbox by signing in on another device.
  • Cortana: Users can also utilize Xbox’s live assistant, Cortana, to activate voice control in the background of the game to easily skip or play tracks.

To pair your SoundCloud account :

  • Open the SoundCloud app on Xbox. You will see a code to enter on your mobile device.
  • Open your mobile browser on your device and head to
  • On iOS: Open the link directly in the app. You will need to have the latest version of the SoundCloud app downloaded on your mobile device and already be signed in to your SoundCloud account to pair your account on Xbox- you can then enter the code displayed on your Xbox screen
  • On Android: open the link in your mobile browser. Make sure you're already signed into your SoundCloud account: you will be prompted to a page to enter your code

This app is available in all territories, but Go+ subscribers will have access to the full catalogue only where Go/Go+ plans are available for purchase. Free users will not be able to upgrade through the app right now, but can use the app without a Go subscription. We will not have any offline listening functionality for the time being.

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This post saved my life. Thanks guys 🙂
So I think this the place where you give your feedback...
My feed back is from a listener of soundcloud as a platform rather than a musician using soundcloud.

The feed back is in relation to the new app for XBOX/Computer app
1. Overall the app is great and was much needed.
2. The design of the app is amazing and crisp.
3. I'm having glitch issues with double finger scroll on my laptop
4. 'Home Collection Discover' section I feel is a bit confusing! For me I would treat my Home and Stream as the same place/tab. However, I like the Collection and Discover tab a lot.
5. I see there is also a feature to pin certain sections to the Start Screen. I feel stream and Liked Tracks need to have this option as well, or am I blind??
6. Perhaps a Light and Dark Theme? (Later Today, didn't realised it changed with the artwork :P)
7. The 'recently played' playlists should included singular tracks as well as playlists.
8. Also can you short cut the Play and pause next and previous song etc to the keyboard, F9 F10 F11.

Hope this helps 😃
First of all, thank you for bringing SoundCloud to Xbox! I've been waiting for this for sooo long! The app is great, it works well.
There's just one feature missing: it would be really nice to have a shuffle button for liked tracks or playlists (maybe there's already a control I didn't find).
Can't wait for future updates, great job!
My SoundCloud app on my Xbox will not play any track at all it just skips right pass everything then crashes
Can not link account from windows PC.
When I try to activate it on my xbox, it doesnt work. I click the link, the page is blank. I use the app, the page is blank. How come I cant activate it. Non of the options work. Can someone help me out here please.
Really great app! Was pretty happy when saw Your cloud in Xbox One store! :D

Can't find a correct support page, so I'll write it here.

One major request (if it possible) from me for a small new feature. Please, add a possibility to play a playlist in "shuffle" mode. Currently (beginning of July) there are only "Loop" mode present. Pretty wish a shuffle mode. Especially for a large playlists while playing games.

And 2 minor requests:

1) Playlist in backward order mode. When new show records are added to playlist they plays in backward chronology. So it would be nice to have a possibility to play them in chronology order. :)
2) Let app remember last playlist, track and second when I pause or switch off my Xbox. And when I come back - to continue from exactly same place. If it will be possible to do this cross-platform - it will be great! Just one "last played" will be enough. It is very annoying to search when I stop. Especially inside 1-2 hours long radio shows.

Thank You anyway for a great service and a nice clients (I'm using web, Android and Xbox One).
I love the app, It is very greatly designed and I think it will make a great app (it is well on it's way)

Just a few things

1. Would it be possible to adds a shuffle playlist button when in a playlist? So that every time it doesn't start from the very beginning.
2. If we aren't Go or Go+, have it not show those tracks (What is the point in showing them if we don't have the subscription)
3. When in Now Playing, to have the option of Adding the song to a playlist from the Now Playing page.
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Would love to see this on the ps4
hi guy im stuggling with getting this appon my xbox it say i need to sign in and putin an activation code but where do i type the code in ???
My soundcloud isn't working on my Xbox one. It shows the music playing but no sound. I've tried some steps like reinstalling the app, using volume control with headphones, playing without headphones, and restarting my Xbox. No luck with anything. Please help.
On your soundcloud app on your phone or computer.
None of this works at all, theres no link to where u put ur code, the help center doesn't even "HELP" u at all, u guys need to fix this ive been trying to login in for hours and its still not working wat !!TF!!!