Get Paid for Your Plays... Everywhere

Get Paid for Your Plays... Everywhere
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From uploading your first track to making money from your music, SoundCloud empowers you to take the next step at any stage in your career. And now, with the beta release of SoundCloud Premier distribution, you can get payouts from all major music services including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Instagram, Spotify, Tencent and YouTube Music, without ever leaving SoundCloud – and at no added cost to your Pro or Pro Unlimited account.

With the first and only distribution tool built directly into a streaming platform, you can think of your SoundCloud account as mission control for your music: the only place where you can share tracks instantly, connect with your fans, manage your content, and get paid for your plays – everywhere. Simply choose from your uploaded tracks and albums and distribute to all major music services while keeping 100% of your rights and payouts (we take nothing) and getting streamlined payments directly from SoundCloud.

Our direct monetization program, SoundCloud Premier, is available at no additional cost to all eligible Pro and Pro Unlimited subscribers who are 18 years of age or older, creators of original music, have zero copyright strikes, and at least 1,000 monetizable track plays. Eligible creators will be notified via email and in-product notifications over the next few weeks, and in the meantime, you can learn more here. If you think you’d be eligible but haven’t gone Pro, you can upgrade now and we’ll be in touch if/when you qualify. In addition to one revenue stream that reigns supreme, you’ll get the pro tools to level up your career, so that you can grow your audience and make even more music to distribute.

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This is welcome, but long overdue. In my own case, I have already done a deal with an aggregator and can upload directly for sale on Bandcamp, so I’m wondering what extra benefit I would get from this now. For years SoundCloud has been in the position of wanting me to pay (for a pro account) for the privilege of giving away my music for free. That model just didn’t make much sense to me.
I feel kinda tricked. I hear about this great function, I pay money to do it, but there is no way I can contact anybody to help me figure out what the issue is. 5k plays on a selfmade track, 1k follower and not eligible? at leats tell us what it takes!
I am also very much waiting for eligibility, and if this is anything like Youtube its going to take a year and i am hoping not.
is this available for mena region??