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Hello there Community

We’ve just dropped The Upload, a brand new discovery feature on SoundCloud that brings you a list of the freshest new music uploaded to the platform, personalized to your taste on a daily basis.

With a constantly expanding mix of music uploaded to SoundCloud every day, we’ve now made it easier to filter through it all. The Upload is all about surfacing more of what you’re into, or what you might be, and is the go-to destination for a regularly updated, bespoke playlist of new music relevant to you.

It is available via the Discover tab on web, and in the Search tab on iOS and Android and works by recommending tracks that have been uploaded to SoundCloud within the last few days based on what you like and listen to. The more you listen to on SoundCloud, the better The Upload will surface new artists and music for you.

With the largest and most diverse music catalog around, we want to make discovery on SoundCloud even easier and we’re utilizing machine learning to offer new ways for you to find more music. This new feature is another opportunity for creators on SoundCloud to get their music heard by our global community and a great way for listeners to be on the pulse of what’s next, now.

Check The Upload out and make it part of your routine!

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could FILTER OUT REPOSTS! PLEASE GIVE Paid SUBSCRIBERS this option. Help people make sense of the feed. Related tracks also needs to be an OPTION. If someone plays a track of mine, it diverts the person away from my profile after my song ends. Does that make any sense to anyone? I would also LOVE the ability to search for indie artists (independent/unsigned) rather than being forced fed the people with millions of plays when I search for a genre. Man oh man, SOundcloud is not a new platform. When will we see the results of the so called "boardroom shakeup?" What has changed?

Disclaimer: If I didn't love SOundcloud so much I would not try to offer advice. Hopefully I am not viewed as a complainer. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. HAVE A JOLLY DAY :?
Am I right in thinking that this auto-refreshing playlist gathers data about what music you like by what you listen to? So, what if I am listening to music in my feed and hear something that I don't like and skip to the next song mid-way through. Will the playlist still count that music as well?
This new function is quite useless for me. I don't have enough time to listen to those songs. I just want to listen to newly uploaded songs of the musicians I follow. So please make "stream" function properly (now my stream shows nothing other than songs I uploaded myself!) and add the tool to filter reposted songs. Reposted songs always get in the way when I search for the songs of my favorite musicians!
The only issue is that it gives me more beat makers and instrumentals than songs. :?
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Soundcloud is So disorganized and difficult to customize. Reposts are just annoying, repetitive and make people's streams cluttered with music that they are not necessarily interested in. If this is an attempt to remedy group removal, it just is not sufficient. I appreciate this feature, but if we can eliminate reposts it would be a huge improvement. As I said, Soundcloud is just so overwhelming now that I find it turning me away. Can we possibly add filters in our streams please? FILTERS BY GENRES? Just some way to organize this boat load of audio. Thanks
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nice, but whats so hard to implement a simple filter on soundcloud which allows to filter dumbass "reposts". this shit trashin my stream. please, its only javascript. :)

I'd like to just be able to see the freshest music of artists I already know I like and follow, which isnt currently possible because of the lack of filtering of ones followed artists. What good is having it up to soundcloud to show me related things they think I might like when keeping up with what you find and like is a futile effort to begin with. Please please give us proper filtering of our feed so the artists get a better picture of who is able to actually keep up with the music they post and repost, and a more accurate count of their true regular followers
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P.S.: For more info on the feature, take a peek at this article on our Help Center. 😉