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Hello Community,

This is a big one. Many of you have requested this to be a feature on SoundCloud, and we're finally able to announce that we have rolled out a new feature: Next up.

How does it work?

You now have additional functionality in the global player on web
  • See what's coming up next
  • Reorder items in the queue (and remove them)
  • Add to the queue from elsewhere around
  • Full set of shuffle & repeat modes (beyond existing repeat-one toggle)

Enjoy the music

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This web page does not explain how this feature is meant to work.

While a track was playing I wandered around SoundCloud and added a few tracks to 'Next Up'. I returned to the tab where the music was playing and clicked on the bottom right, to discover that nothing had been added to Next Up.

I tried this again and found that dozens of tracks which I did not recognise had been added to the list, but not any of those I had chosen.

I then tried clicking on the lower right of a different page. This displayed all the tracks I had added earlier, as well as a bunch I had not added.

So it seems that there are a lot of Next Up lists. How can I decide which one a new track is added to?

I just tried clearing a Next Up list, and found that this at once started a track playing.

I give up!
Along the same lines, I accidentally clicked "next up" for a days-long series of talks I did not actually want to listen to, I was listening to songs. Now after every song in any playlist this "next up" item comes up, and I can't figure out how to make it stop. Finally I just stopped listening to Soundcloud. Any help much appreciated.
I actually hate this feature, because there are pieces played I absolutely hate without having the control to just delete them. And worse, all who listen to my recordings have to listen to pieces they do not want to listen to. I can not share the files any more and I will look for an other page to share my sounds.
Will this feature be available on the mobile app soon?

Full disclosure: a few months ago I just about gave up on this service. And I've been using SoundCloud for 6+ years. The app was getting increasingly buggy and accessing it via the browser was too combersome.

A month ago I decided to try again. I was presently surprised to see the enhancements. Especially the next up feature. While I'm not having the same issues as some have posted before me, I think the browser version should be in sync with the app.

That said, can you please provide an estimate when we can expect to see the next up on all molibe apps? Thanks again!
I think you should be able o re arrange the song in your playlist to your liking.

I found this option yesterday. From the browser, open one of the playlists that you've created. Next click edit, and at the top you should see a tab for songs. From there you can rearrange, delete and add. After you're done click save. Hope that helps.
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All I want to do is listen to a playlist without random songs playing.

I know what I want to listen to.

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I want to listen to my playlist, however the next up feature decides that I should hear songs that are not in my playlist.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow users to switch this unnecessary feature off.
This thing is so buggy. It basically ruined my home stream. I used to just click play on whichever track (usually the first/newest) and then it would play through the stream chronologically. Now it does all sorts of weird stuff and I have to constantly open the "next up" and click "clear", then click play on the next track in the stream.

There really does need to be a way to just disable this, at least for now till the bugs get worked out.

I would only ever play through chronologically either my home stream, or my favorites list, or through other people's "tracks" pages. I have no need for this, it's just introducing new problems.
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This is the lamest thing I have ever seen in my life.
Great feature but it seems to share one huge flaw in common with it's sister from another mother in iTunes: if you navigate away from the page or click the wrong button by mistake your queue will vanish without warning. Is it just me or what?
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I do not like at all this feature. So 2 questions :

1 > How to remove this additional functionality ? and
2> Why the global player on web doesn't want disappear when i don't want listenning music ?
I don't think next up should be available for play lists, just liked songs. That being said i think you should be able o re arrange the song in your playlist to your liking. I usually go through a play list pick all the song i want to listen to then click the back button up to the first song i pick and just let it play, but a rearrange system for a playlist would make it permanent so i don't have to keep doing this.
So the shuffle feature is not nearly as robust with the next up list as it was previously. I sometimes put my "Liked" collection on shuffle, and usually found that it was a little more "random." Now the shuffles tend to be much more lumped together. So for example, let's say I found a new artist today, and added 16 of their songs to my collection, along with 10 other varied songs from other artists. When I try to shuffle the songs I have collected, all of the newest songs that I just added will be in the first 35 songs in my shuffle, and not mixed up much, if at all with any of the songs that come later. And it will be those same songs every time. Please don't update the app until you fix this! The shuffle feature on the app is my favorite "radio" station!
It's possible to close with ESC?
I'm not sure if it's the new tool, but my playlist is jumping some songs randomly, with the shuffle off. I just play on my playlist and let it play, and eventually some songs are skipped.

This is happening to me too. I use my SoundCloud playlists to teach group exercise classes and it's super frustrating having the songs jump around in an order I didn't put them in. Please help!!
It is such excellent feature. HOWEVER!
It lists all my favourite musics in the list (When I played from my Favourites). So, I wanna chose particular tracks from my Favourite I have to click (x) button in front of each one I don't want. Imagine if I have a list of 100 tracks!
So, would it be good to have "Deselect All" button? or Maybe a list with no selections but already all music played by default unless some tracks have been marked so they are played then.
Did you get my observation?
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When will this come to mobile?
I'm not sure if it's the new tool, but my playlist is jumping some songs randomly, with the shuffle off. I just play on my playlist and let it play, and eventually some songs are skipped.
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Will this feature be available on the mobile app soon?
I've been waiting so long for this feature, thank you so much!

Quick tip on UX: don't place destructive actions next to primary actions.