Please note: SoundCloud cannot restore tracks or playlists that were accidentally deleted

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hello! why has soundcloud suddenly removed a playlist from my profile? this is really frustrating because it takes time to search and listen to all the songs that are in it and now all the time i spent is for nothing... so i would like soundcloud to restore the playlist to me or if its not possible then even give a proper explanation to why it has been removed. thank you.

Hi ilkku,

I've looked into this and you seem to have deleted the playlist yourself actually. 😕
How do you contact SC, I can't seem to find a link or address anywhere?
Hi, I have been really stupid and deleted a lot of my beats without realising I still needed them.
Is there anything I can do/ anyone that can help me get them back.
I don't care about likes or plays just getting them again.
Thank you for any help!
There were two copies of my favorite playlist entitled "BANGERZ" so I went ahead to try to delete one to save some memory and they BOTH deleted!!! Please help!!! -Natalie
Not even an hour ago I accidentally deleted my favorite playlist "BANGERZ" can somebody please help me restore it or point me in the direction of the right place to ask??
Hi i have accidentally deleted a track from my soundcloud an its was the only copy in existence is there anyway i can recover this track please?
Is there any way I can get the download to a song I deleted? Soundcloud was the only place I had it on and its not saved anywhere else.
I deleted some songs off of my account and I would really love to recover them. Is it possible?
Yo Amazing people!!
I got a little bit of a problem, i accidentally deleted a couple of tracks on my account. I guess i was to high at the studio... damn ¡¡ 
So anybody know if there is someway i could get the original track back with plays and all the Jazz¿
Soundcloud Team,

I need help with recovering my playlist that was maintained for over 2 years. Recently, I noticed an update on App and since then, I can not view my playlist. Your immediate action would be appreciated.

I accidentally deleted a track i uploaded this morning. The mp3 file i had is gone so is there anyway i can have that track retrieved and put back up?
Thank you, please help.
i need to retrieve all my info (songs) of my account that i had deleted, if somebody can helps me i will be so thankful T T
I suddenly had duplicates of my playlists so I deleted one that had over 100 songs from the last year and both playlists deleted!!!! How do I recover it?
My playlists all of a sudden had duplicates so I deleted one of them and it deleted both! Im sick to my stomach. I had years of music on that list. Has anyone answered a ticket you submitted? This is such bullshit! I can't believe theres no way to recover something! Even in history?
Can someone from soundcloud support send me a link to my deleted audio files please and I don't think its been longer than 3 months please contact me Asap!!!!
I accidently deleted my songs on my profile is there any way they can find the audio clip and retrieve them i dont have them downloaded or saved anywhere.
I accidentally deleted a couple tracks I wasn't supposed to delete from my profile a couple of days ago; is there anyway to reinstate these?

I have just now, deleted a couple of tracks totally by accident...

Could they be undeleted?

Thank you!
My number one hit song was deleted from soundcloud along with a couple others im desperately need back up I have the music file for them but the number off play and likes i had on the song was huge the song was called no friendly fanny by me dulce and im really hoping yall can help me fix this issue i feel like my work has been thrown down the drain my stats prove the worth of the song please me asap ;/
Hey !
One Month Ago I've Been Deleted One Good Remix From My Profile Cuz It Was Small Popular And I 've Been Have It On My Computer.
But My Old Computer Broke And I Lost All My Tracks
I Really Want To Retrieve This Song ,, TJR - Ass Hypnotized (Craxxxtar Remix) ''
Could You Help Me?
I Read In Other Article That I Can Retrieve My Track If It Was Deleted For 3 months, I Deleted It One Month Ago
Please Help Me

I just deleted my most recent track like 10 minutos ago by accident! Is there any way to cancel that action or to retrieve my track?

Hi, I joined souncloud because it hosted one of my most favorite songs in the world called Love Don't Cry (Skeletons Remix) By Jonny Price. It has since been removed from the site and I was wondering, is there anything I can do to have the track restored??? Any help would be much appreciated.
Is it possible to retrive a lost song that was deleted from soundclound a few months ago? The song was removed by the artist, not due to copyright Infringement.
Can deleted tracks be restored if i deleted that like 10 minutes ago?