Please note: SoundCloud cannot restore tracks or playlists that were accidentally deleted

  • 7 January 2016
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Can you send me an MP3 to download a couple of songs I accidentally deleted?
Hey there!

I've deleted plenty of songs on purpose and I also wish to get those back.. Is there a way to?
Hi am Nisha.
My smylule account as Shinykharel ...
I deleted my songs just 2 days back i kkndly request you to get those songs back pls ....those songs are very specially for me .. unfortunately i deleted it pls kindly help in it.

Waiting for ur positive respond.

I accidentally deleted a track that i did not mean to delete
i read something here that said you could email me the audio file, i desperately need this back on soundcloud

is there any way i can get this song back?
Also this just happened today, not sure if that makes a difference.
Hi there,

I know I've read that you can't recover lost tracks, but I had a misunderstanding with the layout of the page and couldn't get it to list one song as the first track. I assumed that the playlist had the same tracks loaded up into them as it was listed separately and thought the other uploads were redundant. Is there anyway to recover these tracks? Please any help is appreciated and the stats mean a lot to me that they are with current tracks.

Thanks in advance

I went to delete a track from an EP playlist, my computer froze & it deleted the wrong track! I seriously need to recover it!

A while back, I uploaded a mixtape called "Absentminded 2" onto my page. I wanted to get rid of some of the songs but not all of them. This made many of my fans unhappy and I would like to see if I can make it up to them. Is it possible for me to have the certain songs reposted with all statistics and what not?

Track Names:
The Other Side
Greatings a time ago i accidently deleted some of my music, i wanted to remaster them, but my old computer was stolen with all records, it was playlist "When we used to forget" can someone help me recover them?
Hi There
I deleted a track yesterday, called "Miss you Song Sketch" is there any way this can be restored?
Many Thanks

Nat x
Hi I deleted some of my tracks, I now have a unlimited upload account, i hear you can restore from the last 3 months. please help


Darren Walsh
Is there a way that I can get my deleted track or tracks back? My old computers hard drive gave out and now I'm in desperate need to get my deleted songs back.

Thanks in advance!
hi! i have accidentally deleted my most successful song and i need it recovered! i was meant to delete a different one.
The Track Name: Guap (feat. Lil Gooch) [prod. Balance]
The Account Name: Balance (Aus)
I just deleted 3 tracks two weeks ago but I would like to re-get them as a download link. Is that possible actually?
I just accidentally deleted a track and I want to restore it! Is there a way?
Hello, yesterday I accidentally deleted about 30 of my tracks. Is it possible to recover them? I reuploaded the tracks, but all the comments and likes are gone.
Thank you.
Hello everyone!
Is there a way to restore my own deleted songs? Or can a Soundcloud "worker" provide me the audio files of my deleted songs?

I need to acces my song that I deleted less than 2 months ago. I saw that some moderators gimme downlod link of the sogng. Is that possible?
One of our band members misunderstood, she was supposed to make our tracks private, but deleted them instead.
Is it posible to get the tracks back? Do you keep them on a server for a while so you can re-upload them somehow?
anyone know if deleted tracks can be recovered? ... they play on my iPhone but links to those are not found on desktop..thanks for any help

So I had a hard disk failure not too long ago which wiped my track backups. This morning I deleted a track from my SoundCloud accout but forgot I didn't have it anymore on my computer. Given it's only been a couple of hours, can it still be recovered?

I need to get my playlist back. It has all my music on it!!!!! How can I get it back?
Can deleted tracks be restored if i deleted that like 10 minutes ago?
Is it possible to retrive a lost song that was deleted from soundclound a few months ago? The song was removed by the artist, not due to copyright Infringement.

Hi, I joined souncloud because it hosted one of my most favorite songs in the world called Love Don't Cry (Skeletons Remix) By Jonny Price. It has since been removed from the site and I was wondering, is there anything I can do to have the track restored??? Any help would be much appreciated.