Please note: SoundCloud cannot restore tracks or playlists that were accidentally deleted

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Hey, I accidentally deleted all of my tracks with their plays on it because I was trying to delete a playlist. Any way this is reversible?
Grouper - Clearing (remix) Please help me recover this, i lost touch with my laptop and this track has a lot of personal meaning to me. Thanks!
You ever get those tracks back? I'm stuck in a similar situation so I was just curious as to whether or not you were successful... Cheers!
Hi SoundCloud Team,

I have a SoundCloud Pro account and would really like to restore 3 tracks which were accidentally deleted from my account a couple of days ago if at all possible. Their titles were:

Giant, Born and Baby Drop

They were set to 'private' and I was wondering if you are able to recover them, could they please have the same 'secret link' as I sent them to people who need to access that original link.

Thank you so much in advance if you manage to recover them!
So I deleted like 9 songs and my mixtape off my Soundcloud and now I really regret it, one of the songs had over 5,000 plays. In the past, I’ve deleted songs and Soundcloud recovered them, but now when you e-mail Soundcloud it just tells you to go to the help forum, can soundcloud still recover my songs for me? it’s really important to me.
How do I get my songs back
One day, i logged in and saw that all my fukking reposts older than a month WERE GONE.
I repost tracks I like. Its one step better than likes, because it spreads the music itself. I also use reposts as sort of a sketch pad for my mixes.
All reposts are gone and this HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED. its a damn shame, because its not like i can stop using soundcloud. THis is the spot for my tastes best music. This is a unique ecosystem and I hope everyone realizes it. So im being held hostage by soundcloud.
PRETTY SHITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I accidentally deleted my playlist Wank Spud 3.0 would love it if you could revive it. cheers
I accidentally deleted my track "FOMO ft. pierre p. banned" off here. I reuploaded the file but if there's any chance i can get the original track with the plays and likes back that would be much appreciated, as I'm trying to not have to restart the play count on that song. I accidentally deleted it a mere 5 hours ago, so it should still be on the servers.
I have about 10 old tracks I would like to recover can I do so?
I accidentally deleted my 'For me' playlist which is my favorite. Please help me restore it😭😭

I made a mistake and deleted a track from my page. The title is Girl Go Higher and the link is

I am asking it to be recovered?

Jay Stones
Before 6-7 days i delete all my songs,can i recover it ? please it means the world to me,is there any way to recover my deleted songs,i know,this my fault,but means the world to me guys,please help...
I was wondering if its anyway for soundcloud to recover deleted songs
recently I deleted some songs i uploaded off my profile, is there anyway you can restore these songs for?
Hello, I wanted to ask if you can restore my deleted track called : Daniela.
Hi .
I want to restore one track i was forgotten and delate it .
name of the track is : عبسلام والسيد حسن
وصف الصبية +احلى قناصة نار لازم تسمعهم من الآخر
I see people replying to this asking for their soundtrack back as if that would help it recover after this person just said that they can't, but I came here for a reason and I hope someone could recover my soundtrack. I don't mean to sound like a hypocrite but anyway the soundtrack is called Awsome music with music note emojis at the start and end of the title.
I accidentally deleted three of my playlists that I wanted. I deleted about her few that I didn’t want but if it it easier you could restore them all again. Would really appreciate it if you could restore them.
Thanks, George
I see that some people have been able to plead and have songs restored. I am not sure, but it seems as if my oldest tracks were recently auto-deleted. Is there a way to retrieve one of my songs. For example, if I manually erase tracks to free up space, might it be restored automatically? Thanks!
Hey, I recently was trying to clean up my profile by deleting the individual tracks but leaving them in the album & ended up deleting almost all of them. Is there a way to restore the tracks to the album?

Dear team,

Please I record voice around 53 minutes and unfortunately I delete them by wrong.
Would u please restore them for me. Really it's a very very very big issue. Its a matter which my life would be destroyed without it. It's my only evidence to survive in my work. Cause I trust soundcloud I always record on it.
I'm a father and responsible of a a family mom wife and my two kids.

I beg you to help me in that and bring this record back to me.