Please note: SoundCloud cannot restore tracks or playlists that were accidentally deleted

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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, we cannot restore any tracks that you might have deleted accidentally.

We're very sorry and hope you can soon re-upload your track and get right back to where you left.

All the best

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Dear team,

Please I record voice around 53 minutes and unfortunately I delete them by wrong.
Would u please restore them for me. Really it's a very very very big issue. Its a matter which my life would be destroyed without it. It's my only evidence to survive in my work. Cause I trust soundcloud I always record on it.
I'm a father and responsible of a a family mom wife and my two kids.

I beg you to help me in that and bring this record back to me.



Hey, I recently was trying to clean up my profile by deleting the individual tracks but leaving them in the album & ended up deleting almost all of them. Is there a way to restore the tracks to the album?

I see that some people have been able to plead and have songs restored. I am not sure, but it seems as if my oldest tracks were recently auto-deleted. Is there a way to retrieve one of my songs. For example, if I manually erase tracks to free up space, might it be restored automatically? Thanks!
I accidentally deleted three of my playlists that I wanted. I deleted about her few that I didn’t want but if it it easier you could restore them all again. Would really appreciate it if you could restore them.
Thanks, George
I see people replying to this asking for their soundtrack back as if that would help it recover after this person just said that they can't, but I came here for a reason and I hope someone could recover my soundtrack. I don't mean to sound like a hypocrite but anyway the soundtrack is called Awsome music with music note emojis at the start and end of the title.
Hi .
I want to restore one track i was forgotten and delate it .
name of the track is : عبسلام والسيد حسن
وصف الصبية +احلى قناصة نار لازم تسمعهم من الآخر
Hello, I wanted to ask if you can restore my deleted track called : Daniela.
recently I deleted some songs i uploaded off my profile, is there anyway you can restore these songs for?
I was wondering if its anyway for soundcloud to recover deleted songs
Before 6-7 days i delete all my songs,can i recover it ? please it means the world to me,is there any way to recover my deleted songs,i know,this my fault,but means the world to me guys,please help...

I made a mistake and deleted a track from my page. The title is Girl Go Higher and the link is

I am asking it to be recovered?

Jay Stones
I accidentally deleted my 'For me' playlist which is my favorite. Please help me restore it😭😭
I have about 10 old tracks I would like to recover can I do so?
I accidentally deleted my track "FOMO ft. pierre p. banned" off here. I reuploaded the file but if there's any chance i can get the original track with the plays and likes back that would be much appreciated, as I'm trying to not have to restart the play count on that song. I accidentally deleted it a mere 5 hours ago, so it should still be on the servers.
I accidentally deleted my playlist Wank Spud 3.0 would love it if you could revive it. cheers
One day, i logged in and saw that all my fukking reposts older than a month WERE GONE.
I repost tracks I like. Its one step better than likes, because it spreads the music itself. I also use reposts as sort of a sketch pad for my mixes.
All reposts are gone and this HAS NOT BEEN ANSWERED. its a damn shame, because its not like i can stop using soundcloud. THis is the spot for my tastes best music. This is a unique ecosystem and I hope everyone realizes it. So im being held hostage by soundcloud.
PRETTY SHITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do I get my songs back
So I deleted like 9 songs and my mixtape off my Soundcloud and now I really regret it, one of the songs had over 5,000 plays. In the past, I’ve deleted songs and Soundcloud recovered them, but now when you e-mail Soundcloud it just tells you to go to the help forum, can soundcloud still recover my songs for me? it’s really important to me.
Hi SoundCloud Team,

I have a SoundCloud Pro account and would really like to restore 3 tracks which were accidentally deleted from my account a couple of days ago if at all possible. Their titles were:

Giant, Born and Baby Drop

They were set to 'private' and I was wondering if you are able to recover them, could they please have the same 'secret link' as I sent them to people who need to access that original link.

Thank you so much in advance if you manage to recover them!
You ever get those tracks back? I'm stuck in a similar situation so I was just curious as to whether or not you were successful... Cheers!
Grouper - Clearing (remix) Please help me recover this, i lost touch with my laptop and this track has a lot of personal meaning to me. Thanks!
Hey, I accidentally deleted all of my tracks with their plays on it because I was trying to delete a playlist. Any way this is reversible?
in my opinion , as well as google analytics got a major technology proficiency on detecting real organic plays; and delete thus wrong plays; that technology should be existing and been operational and effective for soundcloud also;
so soundcloud should fix the problem on removing by the system and automatically fake plays and let appear on stat only real organic plays.

so i think if that problem is solved ; there would be a major advance on the management of the system. more i can not say actually, that's the point to fix it.
more to say, that's not because there are a few followers that there should be a few plays; and that's not because there are a lot of followers that there should be a lot of plays. there are no dependence correlations on exclusivelty between those factor point.

we pay soundcloud for having uploading our music that we own; and having stats that are officially. but stats that count wrong plays on the meaned fake plays; is not accurate stats performance cause we base our perspective on wrong and fake informations.
fake plays should be banned and struggled; thus; if i agree with soundcloud, there should be a system of soundcloud stats that filter the plays and count only each real plays and organic plays; that are good and what ever the manner the real plays had been done.

as a good proficiency, of management solution, soundcloud should review his term of use in matter of third party; regulate it on another way; and permit to have good agreement.
also; it's not because we host our digital content that we are making promotion, we pay just for hosting and not for promotion, but promotion is the freedom commercial act of any one that got the ambition to get known by what he or she is doing.

promotion is base background for success; why not establishing third parties enterprises that can make artist promotion from thrid parties that got agreement with soundcloud? and what is ridiculous is that no one would accept to make free fee promotion and for any one.

otherwise why does artist pay to the television to appear on television or on radio; ? that one that cost most for artist is selected by the system.

so i got a first impression; that all those rules do not sound clear in mind. !! at least there is a review call to make

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Can one of you mods help me retrieve my recently deleted tracks? I accidentally deleted them this week. I would greatly appreciate it.
Can one of you mods help me retrieve my recently deleted tracks? I accidentally deleted them this week. I would greatly appreciate it.