Removing the onsite Record feature

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Still having ongoing problems with this! Currently using Wavepad, will not save my recordings to my files.. sometimes works sometimes not, no rhyme or reason why this happens. So frustrating! Bring back onsite recording feature!!! - was no hassle before.
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Worked the first 2 times I tried it, now there is no sound recorded?

Oh this is terrible! Tried a number of times, & still no sound

Oh come on bring back Soundcloud instant recording, this is madness!!!

Solved this problem by disconnecting headphones from the computer. But it took my own figuring out.
I know this is an old topic but now that the record button is gone can someone recommend where to record audio onto my desktop so I can upload it? Need a site that is very simple that will connect to Soundcloud. Thank you FYI: The record button, although outdated, was great for amateurs who just want to record simple versions of songs/demos. It is very difficult to find a site to record with the same simplicity. I have several friends who agree. Thanks again.
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I got onto Wavepad. Simple now that got the gist of it.
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As a beatboxer, I don't care about advanced apps or fancyness or other accomendations when I wanna upload some jam. I don't care about the quality. I only care about getting my stuff out there as fast as possible.

I NEED the record feature inside the app and on the site so that I can quickly upload my sounds anywhere and everywhere.

You can easily make an HTML5 and JavaScript record feature.

That way you don't need to be distracted from being focused on your strengths.

Just add some text above the record pages saying it won't be a high quality upload and is mainly intended to just get audio out to your audience, with an info page on apps you'd suggest if the uploader wanted more control and features over the upload.

Twitch and YouTube do this, you are the Twitch and YouTube of music, so you should do it too.