Saving offline content to SD card on Android is now available for SoundCloud Go / Go+

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Hello Community,

I am excited to announce that the ability to save offline content to your SD card is now live for SoundCloud Go / Go+ subscribers with Android devices in the latest release! This has been a long requested feature, and many of you have also discussed this here on the Community before.

So wait no longer, go ahead and download the latest update of our app on the Google Play Store.

More info about SoundCloud Go / Go+ is available here.

Happy SoundClouding 🙂

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We need an update on saving music to an sd card
We defiantly do because right this option is rendered useless if I cant do that
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Hi there,

Thanks for posting this. I'm afraid there are no immediate plans to release this as a feature for Android devices, but I've forwarded your feedback around this. Please forward any further feedback via our Help Center, as we can better control and forward all of our users' feedback from there at this point.

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This is a huge deal for me ... the only reason I purchased my subscription was to be able to listen to music on my phone when I am not at home without using my data. Because I am forced as the only option for saving music to my phone, to be to the internal storage, I now have no use for the subscription I paid for. PLEASE PLEASE every other major music service already has, and has had, this feature for a long time ... please stay up to date with your competitors!
Just purchased the subscription today, and assumed the offline music could be saved to the sd card. I will not be able to use the service until offline music can be stored on the sd card.
Mathis wrote:

Hi there,

Thanks for posting this. I'm afraid there are no immediate plans to release this as a feature for Android devices, but I've forwarded your feedback around this. Please forward any further feedback via our Help Center, as we can better control and forward all of our users' feedback from there at this point.


Mathis, it's been a few months. When will this feature be added? Is this feature even in a release plan yet?
Please add this feature. It is needed
Dear Soundcloud,

I am writing to you to describe my discern for your services. I have been an avid user of your services for as long as I remember... I have tallied around 1400+ songs throughout my time using soundcloud.

Nevertheless, that being said, I discovered your Soundcloud Go feature (which I am currently subscribed to) of downloading songs offline.

However, the issue raised is that users cannot change the location where these downloaded songs are saved... i.e SD card vs. Device memory. Due to the large volume of songs on my library, which clearly expresses my passion for music, I would like to be able to store those offline tracks on my SD card solely because of its larger memory space.
This issue is affecting many, also avid users of Soundcloud and its services.

Hopefully, we do hear back from your engineers expressing some good news that will resolve this problem.

Thank you in advance.


I totaly agree, i'm not buying go+ without this feature...
Hi, just wanted to tell you guys that I'm really disapointed from your services. Don't worry, it's easy to fix, you only need to add a simple feature that every other streaming services has to this day. Being able to download music to SD card is a must! I just don't understand why it is still not there, it as been like 9 months since the first thread talking exacly about that "issue". To which one of your employe answered that the team was working on it... Obviously, you guys are not working on it, because I don't see the feature yet

So i'm asking it politely, start working on it, and many more people will buy you Soundcloud GO+ thing.

Thank you very much
Where can we cancel subscribtion?
Totaly useless app without sd card i return to google play!
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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. We've forwarded this to our mobile product team for review, however there is currently no further info available if and when this would be available. If this changes, we'll be sure to update you here on the Community.


I'm not sure if this will work, maybe one of you more tech savvy folks can help me out?

I'm compiling playlists for my wedding reception (woohoo!) but the venue manager has warned me that the Wi-Fi at the venue is spotty at best... does not recommend relying on it to play our music. I planned to use the Offline Listening Mode on my Samsung Tablet. My fiancé is apprehensive to use the tablet and would rather use a computer... but I don't think Offline Listening works on a computer... you have to do it through the app for it to work, right? But, I just read that songs can be saved for Offline use on an SD Card rather than on the device's storage.

So my question is this: If I get an SD Card, save songs for Offline Listening on it, and then remove the card from my tablet and insert it into my computer, will the songs still be saved on it, and play from my computer?
I don't know if it's from this update, but every time i after i open SoundCloud, and after a few minutes, it starts to display the loading icon but doesn't refresh the page. It just shows the loading icon until I decide to stop it from my application manager from my phone and I can't play any music from it.


I have the same trouble!offline is not working
I am using xiaomi redmi 3s, the apllication shows me that all the track are downloaded but once I start to play it, the songs simply freezes and there is no scale for rewind!I already tried 2 times to reinstall the apllication and clear it cash!
Please help me to work it out!I have just bought your go subscription!
Here you can see two screens with trouble I have!
It looks like the songs are downloaded but next screen you can see the song stops playing from the every beginning and there is no rewind scale !
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That error cant be cleared
Why?So we should forget about xiaomi top phones using offline mode for best music application?
Hey guys,

I noticed that you added this feature, which is awesome, thank you very much. Now one more insatiable customer request 🙂. I am using Lollipop, and I have multiple users on my device. The owner user can use the SD card, but the non-owner users cannot. Srsly, can you think of a use case where it would be _more_ important to be able to use the SD card than if you are having more than one person save their soundcloud library to the device? Makes a lot of sense huh? 🙂. Could you please add the feature of letting non-owner users of a device use the SD Card for storage?

I do not have the option to download to sd card. I have a polaroid phone that runs on android software. I currently have the most up to date version of soundcloud and when I go to my settings I do not have the option of changing storage location. It only allows me to save to my phone (which has almost zero memory left)

Is there something I can try, or download to be able to download to my SD card?

Thank you in advance!

My phone was able to save music to SD card but is no longer allowing it. I have a Samsung Galaxy s7. Helpppp