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  • 23 November 2016
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As you may (or may not) know, we do not currently have a dedicated API support team. Our customer support team is focused on providing account-related support and we do not have the necessary skills to handle enquiries about how to develop your application.

That being said; I would recommend looking through SoundCloud’s Stack Overflow page (, and reviewing our developer website ( These are the support resources we have in place for app developers.

If you have a question about acceptable commercial use of SoundCloud’s API, then we would please ask you to refer to the following section of our API Terms of Use ( Any application reported to us which violates the API terms of use will have their access to the SoundCloud API permanently revoked.

Although we cannot provide support regarding the actual coding aspects of your application ourselves, we would really like to encourage everyone to ask their questions and start some conversations here, as chances are someone might have already experienced the issue you are having, and might be able to provide a solution.

Thanks for understanding.

3 replies

When users visit my web app on their mobile device and are asked to Connect with Soundcloud they get the following error if they have the Soundcloud mobile app installed:

"There was a problem loading that URL"

What workaround is needed to either force a web browser to open the Connect with Soundcloud link or have the Soundcloud mobile app handle the intent correctly?

Connect with Soundcloud documentation:


Looks like to register an app is still paused. Whats about paying customers like me? 🙂 Can I add a new app to playing around with what we have here? Or any other new stuff with the API?

Hi! Maybe hire some developers! Or at least hire some people who know how to develop a decent (keyword DECENT) app that corresponds with the desktop site. How hard is it to add the inbox capabilities to the soundcloud app? Why do I need an entirely separate app just to see my notifications? Unbelievable