Upcoming changes to name & city fields

  • 18 June 2018
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Hello everyone,

We’ve recently changed the character limit of our First name, Last name and City fields in profile settings to 35 characters. The limit will be applied to any new profile changes. To make this new limit consistent across the whole platform, we will also be shortening any text on profiles that currently exceed this limit in these fields.

Why are we making this change?

We've researched and found only a few people in our community exceed these limits. Out of these, the majority are using these fields to enter misleading information in order to trick systems and show up higher in SoundCloud searches. Our Community Guidelines state SoundCloud is a platform built with creator needs in mind and we welcome the use of stage names or professional identities on SoundCloud. However, that doesn’t mean that you can impersonate another person, or post content that is intentionally misleading. As a rough guide, you mustn’t create profiles or post content that is intended to make people think you are someone else. You must not use someone else’s name or trademark without their permission, or pretend to be associated with someone you aren’t.

We’re hoping to minimise this misuse and ensure more integrity around what you find on Search. We believe that when you search for content, you should be able to find the creators you’re looking for and as a creator you deserve to be found!

We hope you can understand why we’re making this change.


1 reply

Thats all good and all that but....Let me tell you something my guys

Why dont you did that stuff since the begining....? who needs more than 35 characters to write a name?

2nd of all and the most important thing is that the ones who started this shit...and who noticed they can use that stuff as SEO ....are not actually artists just bootleggers who upload music from others....

So now....all these other artists starting to wonder why these guys using those names? and guess what? monkey see monkey do....

You should mos def give some warnings to those who are real artists and got real plays tons to millions before using that shit...

Check to see....if for example my account has been up since 7 years ago...i have 200+ tracks and lots of comments from people i keep in touch with....but now since this is the NEXT TREND ON SC...to USE ADDNAMES.....??? so everybody is doing it..... yall just delete my account?

YOU ALLOWED THIS SHIT TO HAPPEN SOUNDCLOUD!!!! at least make that stuff unavialble and let people using their accounts....i know it may seem oh....PACMAN has 3 million plays and looks has addnames..... lets kill it...NO DUMMY ...pacman had these plays way before that.... whatever

i know you are right but just think about it....people with millions of plays on tracks before addnames are sad now....

whatever man

i hope now your next best UPDATE will be to improve the poor Copyright stuff you still be allowing