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  • 29 May 2018
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Hello everyone,

Today, we're introducing a number of improvements to our Community. Let's go over some of the new features.

WYSIWYG - What?!

What You See Is What You Get - In the new editor, you can see what your post will look like whilst you’re writing it, so there’ll be no more formatting surprises.

That means that as you type, you’ll be able to see your images, emojis, @mentions, embedded videos, links, lists, spoilers, quotes, and text formatting. What you see is what you get.

The new editor adapts based on what you’re doing on the community - creating a topic, writing a reply, or sending a private message - so you always have useful editing options at your fingertips.

BBCode is still supported, so although certain editing options aren’t available through the new editor’s interface (like colours and strikethrough), they’ll still work if you use BBCode markup in your posts.

We hope you’ll find the new editor useful and we’re looking forward to seeing your beautifully formatted posts!

Stay up to Date

We want to make sure you can easily find and learn about important news and updates about SoundCloud, so we're introducing highlighted topics. They are located on top of your Community homepage.

Also, you can now subscribe to individual subforums to be notified as soon as a new topic is up.

We're trying to help as many of you as possible with your questions about SoundCloud. That's our #1 priority on our Community. However, we also want you to have all the info you need at your fingertips to use SoundCloud to its fullest potential and will provide you with tips & tricks around your profile, uploads, stats, and everything else SoundCloud.

Feel free to chat with other community members, listeners and creators in our Backstage area about audio production, music discovery, ideas around SoundCloud, and everything else.

Happy Communicating 🙂

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