20K plays on my track from out of nowhere, and all from the Netherlands?

  • 18 April 2016
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Hi guys,

I'm really confused. The other night I noticed in the period of only an hour what looks like 20,000 plays instantly on my "Lost in Motion" song:

Usually if that many new people were to play the song then likes would also go up by some proportionate amount but that's not the case. Also very strange they all come from the netherlands?

Is this a bug in soundcloud's system perhaps? Maybe I should just be happy for the plays haha, but authenticity is very important to me.

Also, I've noticed now that the "related songs" that play after it aren't related at all. Not sure if this is related to the massive erroneous plays from the Netherlands?

This might be something your team should look into.

Also, as a side note I've also noticed that your system reports I'm following 700 people but I'm actually only following slightly over 300 people. I took the time to count myself. It does seem that ever since your team took efforts to make soundcloud more stable that it has actually been much less stable. I've experienced large discrepancies with stats ever since the "fix"


1 reply

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Hi Peter,

Please see my response on this conversation on the matter. Apart from that, our follow service is undergoing a major maintenance that's taking longer then expected. Our engineers are looking into this as well at the moment.

Thanks for your patience and all the best,