Annoyance + Rudeness ??

  • 21 May 2017
  • 2 replies

Can you please fix the bug (I am calling it a bug) which allows people to 'like' a track without having first played it.
On one of my tracks I currently have 7 'likes' but only 1 person has actually played the tune. This really puts me off using soundcloud. It would be a 5 minute code fix. Please fix this.

2 replies

Of course this brings into question what counts as a 'play'. To keep the bots at bay I would suggest maybe 1 minute of actually playing the tune. Something like that. Ok thanks.
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Hi there,

It looks like no one from the community has had the chance to get back to you about this. Some users like a track in order to be able to listen to it at a later stage actually. This way, all they need to do is head to their "likes" and can start listening.

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