Annoying Bot Comments?

  • 15 April 2019
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Hi, recently I have been having a problem with SoundCloud that I believe is caused by bot commentators. On a Marshmello song over a year ago, I replied to someone via comment, and I had misspelled something. I replied to myself in the next comment, fixing the spelling. Within the past few months, I have woken up to notifications of over a dozen people @ ing me on SoundCloud with my comment. I have since deleted my comment, but it seems to has done nothing to prevent more comments. I believe the comments are stemming from bot-commenting websites, where users pay a website to have bots comment on a track for a single day, and they boost their starts by giving them likes, follows, and listens even if the music is complete garbage. I believe it is stemming from these websites because I have noticed 4 main similarities between all of the bot boosted by tracks that are most prominent: 1) 90% of the comments are created within an hour or two, no matter how old the track is, be it 1 year old or 1 day old. 2) All of these comments are from Marshmello’s song “Silence” and this can be determined by the sheer amount of comments saying “#mellogang” or “I found peace in your violence!” 3)I removed my original comment over a week ago, and it seems that whoever can still see it somehow has access to SoundCloud’s comment records, or servers that allow them to see all past comments and control accounts that have not been used in a while. 4) Finally, all users who have pinged me have had major activity within the few days before their comment was created, have commented over a hundred times within the past 2 or 3 days, and have no digital trace to before then. I have attached screenshots of the sheer amount of notifications, and I have also attached some of these tracks that have been affected by these bot comments. Bot Comment Bot Comment 2 Bot Comment 3 Bot Comment 4 Bot Comment 5 Bot Comment 6 Bot Comment 7 Bot Comment 8 I was only able to attach 2 of the photos, but I have 2 others that look similar to them. Any and all responses are helpful!

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