Anyone else miss the (statistics) World map?

  • 10 March 2015
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I never got a reply to my email to the soundcloud support team last year - and using the stats page today I couldn't help but wonder again who on earth decided to move from a wonderful world map view to this bar chart graph?

This was a step backward - I do not underhand how a bar graph can possibly be more interesting or better than a map of the world? The bar graph is really useless - I don't even look at it anymore. The world map view had my fascinated each time I looked at my stats..

Can I please have clarification on this change - why was this changed? And is there no way we can please have the map view back?

4 replies

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Hi Gothel,

No one could agree more with you than me but thats because I actually studied cartography at uni and have a special place in my heart for maps but unfortunately my past academic career has little weight on this topic. The truth is that our stats page had low engagement, we changed up the style after some extensive user research and the result was the new stats layout. As a result, the page gets far more traffic than it used to. In general, creator feedback was positive so we moved forward with the new look.

I'm sorry you are not happy with the change, like I said, I think the world map was also wonderful but in the end not as widely useful. Hope this helps to give you some context. Feel free to shoot any additional questions my way!

Hi Gina..

Thank you for the very nice reply.. I am rather interested in how you moved from cartography to soundcloud. And I am happy that at least one person shares my feelings on this. Would you be willing to go on a sitting-strike with me so we can protest this decision? 🙂

When I first noticed the change - I thought that maybe you guys just gave us more options - different graphs - different views - more ways to see ones information. Alas not. I still struggle to understand how the bar graph can be more interactive (do one really need a massive bar graph to tell you the plays per day?) - but even if it was - I do not understand why the creators of the page could not just have moved it to the "Top Countries" tab. More options would have kept more people happy - and it was already there - I cant imagine that it would have taken much coding to just add it under different tab instead.

Anyway - let me know about the strike. 😛
I miss the map, the map created a desire to go pro so I can see where my music in on the planet, now I'm regretting going pro, NO MAP 😞 Bring back the Map!
Yes please bring back the map! Some of us artists are "visual."