Anyone else noticing a steep decline in stats this week?

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Maybe I am just a sucky musician, but I noticed a drastic decline in plays this week. Anyone else noticing less plays and interactions overall? Are plays being calculated from non soundcloud users as they usually are? Again, maybe it's me.. Kind of bumming about it.


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We noticed it too, and have actually submitted a help ticket to SoundCloud about it. I have talked to other people I know who have noticed the exact same thing this week. Still waiting for a reply as of this posting.
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I saw activity from Mathis on others' posts on the day and time I wrote this. Perhaps he was waiting for more confirmation of this issue before responding. If you could tell those people that you speak of to report this here, maybe that would help... Or maybe we all just suck extra this week!!🆒:S

I have a theory...maybe plays from non- SC users are not being calculated.... Ex...Google+ plays..????? Can we verify or debunk this SC support ? Thanks!
We got a response, but no concrete answers just yet. They're still looking into it, so only time will tell.
Has anyone heard any news about this?
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This is very true, I thought I was the only one thinking about this until I did some analyzing with other creators as well..My friend who has close to 40 000 followers had +50k plays on the track he posted month ago, but has only 1.5k plays on the track he posted a week ago!

He said that never happened before as that is 5 times less than his daily average lol..

To add to this, I've posted a track 5 days ago and have close as many plays as him..which is crazy..but I experienced an overall decline racing from 600-500 plays per day before to 300-200 plays p/ day now even tho I posed a new track this week.

Either repeated plays are not counting, or plays from unregistered people are not counting.. or some completely other thing is happening..

Other than that so far 6 people I know personally are facing the same problem, which definitely implies that something is happening..

Hope you guys address this.

Similar situation here , seems my twitter plays from sound cloud link ( think its called visual player) are not counting on sound cloud the player is playing them OK as I've had many comments and likes on twitter ,just hardly any movement in counter plays ?