Are the soundcloud charts rigged?

  • 12 April 2018
  • 2 replies

There are multiple topics on the fact that tracks get enough plays to be on the charts and yet, they are not(including mine) I'm wondering, are the charts hand selected by SoundCloud/rigged. I can't think of any other explanation...

2 replies

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I don't know how the charts work but I can see you've got over 2000 plays in 2 days with just 5 followers. That's really good.
Maybe because you aren't following anyone (why?)and the only thing you like is your own track (what's the point of that?) means you aren't doing the "recommended interactions with your followers" that it mentions here:
9 people apart from you have liked the track. Have you done anything to check out what they do?
Some of those at the top of the charts aren't following anyone or liking tracks from the people that liked theirs.
So that can't be the reason.
I liked my track for the sake of it, but I've actually checked out some of the people that liked my track. Plus, the "recommended interactions" are pretty vague...
So, are you trying to say if I liked the tracks of people that liked my track... I would end up on the charts? I'll try it but I still feel like SoundCloud chooses who they want on the charts...