Are we getting fake likes and plays?

  • 15 February 2016
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Hi SoundCloud,
We've just been alterted to the fact that we're getting a lot of fake likes and listens for this track we recently put up:

We've had over 100K plays in just over a week which is really unusual for us - and there's only 19 comments. Our tracks would normally get around 5-10K in that time. Is there some kind of app attacking our account?

Wish they were real plays, but it seems many are not.


1 reply

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Hi Laura,

Thanks for reaching out. I've looked into this for you. So, the good news is that the majority of your listeners are coming through our Android & iOS mobile app and through the website, followed by hypemachine. Also, your top referrers are and, so there's a good chance a big chunk of your plays are actually legitimate.

However, i'm afraid we have no means of confirming whether or not your recent spike in plays came from a fraudulent source after all. It could be that someone paid for your plays to be increased, or you were mistakenly subject to fake plays bought for another account. We do not condone of people paying to increase their plays, and our trust and safety engineers are working on improving our anti-spam systems to weed out fake plays. Unfortunately, we do not have the technical means of reverting, or adjusting, play counts. You can delete and re-upload a track to refresh the play count, but keep in mind this means all Likes, Comments and Re-posts will also be lost.

We are working towards this though so in the future we can eradicate this problem and be in a better position to combat fake activity.