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With the new Soundcloud Go subscription that you guys are charging for, will artists like myself (UK based) be paid when our music is streamed? Need an answer asap and before I renew my pro account. Thanks

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Hey Moor hertz,

From the research I've done, artists who have Premier accounts "can monetize their content in the U.S. and earn revenue generated on SoundCloud. Every ad on SoundCloud directly supports an artist." (from their website). This revenue is based off of advertisements, but with Soundcloud Go there are no ads, which actually brings up an interesting question of how or if artists get paid (which I believe they would get paid, just not sure how).

I did some more research and no one really seems to know how artists get paid by people using Soundcloud Pro. I think you'll have to wait for an employee or moderator to come on here from Soundcloud to give you a definite answer on that.
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Hi there,

FIJI is correct - the Premier program enables artists to monetize their tracks on SoundCloud. You can show your interest in becoming a Premier Partner at the following link and we’ll contact you as soon as we’re able to invite you into the program: Please note that we currently have a backlog of artists who’ve expressed interest in becoming a Premier Partner.

Premier Partners already include tens of thousands of artists, including independent artists signed directly to On SoundCloud. Although the Premier Partner level is invite-only right now, we are continuously working to offer the ability for more and more creators, with the ultimate goal of opening up monetization opportunities for every creator. If you aren’t a Premier Partner, you can’t monetize your content on SoundCloud yet, but we’re working hard to build the infrastructure that enables us to expand the Premier level across the globe.

Our Premier Partner program also includes labels and digital distributors. Current Premier Partners include: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Merlin (which represents thousands of independent labels that may include yours), digital aggregators and distributors like InGrooves, The Orchard, Maker Studios, Studio71, Empire and others. If your label or distributor is already a Premier Partner, all you need to do is tell them you’d like to monetize your tracks on SoundCloud and they’ll help set you up.

I hope this helps, do let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hello, i've read about Soundcloud Go here on the forum, i didn't know it was existing. Trying to go to the homepage, it appears it's not available in France. Will it be, when, and will you provide a french reading about it? Thanks.