audience range(plays) going down becuause i had a 1year break

  • 5 July 2017
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i have really important question
i don know what going on with my soundcloud account
2 years ago i had really nice rach ot the audience
it was when i first buy a monthly pro account too
next i dont bought next pro, and my reach going down
how it look today? a few days ago i bouht pro again, and still my reach suck!
it minimal a lot 😦
for example when i hade 500 followers, maybe 300 plays on week, right now i have 1900 and only 7 plays on day
anyone have similar situation?
the important thing is i had this break(1 year) where i cant upload new music on account, i just wanna recover my fanbase on soundcloud. could you help me wiyh this?

1 reply

sounds like a personal situation, you could say a lot has happened on the internet in general in the last 2 years too.