Bandwidth Usage

  • 4 August 2017
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We have a Pro Plan, so can see lots of stats, which is great! However, I've been asked to do some projections about future bandwidth usage, and I can't seem to figure out how to find out how much bandwidth we're using.

I can see the number of files downloaded, but each of our files are different sizes. Is there a way to report on this?

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmm, not sure I understand the question entirely. The bandwidth generally depends on a) how much you're uploading and b) how much music you're streaming. However there is no data on bandwidth usage that we're providing. Maybe there are apps / software though that can help tracking bandwidth? I believe in order to collect valuable data, you'd then have to use one of your web browsers exclusively for SoundCloud for a while to be sure only data coming in from SoundCloud is being tracked.

Hope this makes sense.