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  • 21 February 2018
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In our stats we had over 600 plays in Vietnam, the largest of any country for the last month. The podcast was only promoted in UK & USA. We were wondering if we could find out any more information about this.

5 replies

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Hi Mathis,
Something happens to my statistics.
The number of plays has only increased 10-fold today. Are these bots?
What I need to do - I'm afraid that my account can be blocked.
Hi Mathis,

I recently contacted Soundcloud support to report a recent spike in followers on my soundcloud, They told me they only found a few thousand bots but I had well over 1,500 close to 2k followers before I noticed this and brought it to you attention. Please let me know what I can do.
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Hi Krabbe,

Sorry to hear about this. We have no means of confirming whether or not your recent spike in plays came from a fraudulent source, but as you said, all of them coming from a similar location, and one where you haven't promoted it sure looks suspicious.

Unfortunately, as this is such a large amount directed at your track, it could be that someone paid to boost the popularity of this account, or that it was mistakenly subject to fake activity intended for another account. I'd also recommend if you have anyone helping with promotion (socials, etc) to ensure they are not purchasing fake activity.

I'm afraid we do not have the technical means of reverting, or adjusting, play counts. This is because unlike fake likes, follows or reposts these plays are not actioned by a specific SoundCloud account/user that can be removed. You can delete and re-upload a track to refresh the play count, but keep in mind this means all Likes, Comments and Re-posts will also be lost. To prevent further plays being attracted to your track, you can try changing the track URL for a small time. Plays are often bought for specific track links and this may divert them.

I understand this is not ideal, but please know our Trust & Safety team is working towards this, so in the future we can eradicate this problem and be in a better position to combat and remove fake play activity.

Thanks & all the best

P.S.: If you have further question about this, please reach out to our Trust & Safety team directly. You can do so here.
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no replies not even from Vietnam?