Bot plays from Ashburn, VA?

  • 15 June 2017
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Hi, I tried emailing this to but it bounced back and said they no longer monitor that email addr. Here's the email I sent along:

I’d like to see if you guys can check the play stats for my track: there is an inordinate amount of plays from Ashburn, VA - I just want to make sure that they’re not bot plays/find out if they are legit,


6 replies

I am have this same problem on one particular episode. It feels great to think that I am getting listens but if they are not real than it does not serve me or my podcast.
Do you guys think they can remove the bot plays? I know I have bot plays on one of my tracks.
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Hi there,

I can understand your frustration over this. I've spoken to our Trust & Safety team about this (there have been similar reports from other users before, and preventing and defeating fake & spam activity remains an ongoing struggle) Unfortunately, plays cannot be removed 😕 We have no means of confirming whether or not your recent spike in plays came from a fraudulent source, but we can see they are concentrated to a specific number of locations that are often flagged for fake plays. The plays also came directly from the track page (LINK URL HERE), which suggests that these plays have been bought.

It could be that someone paid for your plays to be increased, or you were mistakenly subject to fake plays bought for another account. We do not condone of people paying to increase their plays, and our trust and safety engineers are working on improving our anti-spam systems to weed out fake plays.

I'm afraid we do not have the technical means of reverting, or adjusting, play counts. You can delete and re-upload a track to refresh the play count, but keep in mind this means all Likes, Comments and Re-posts will also be lost.

We are working towards this though so in the future we can eradicate this problem and be in a better position to combat fake activity.

Hi Mathis,

Thank you for taking the time to explain. I appreciate any effort to help combat the issue. I know it can be difficult at best sometimes to do so.

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Do you use any service which adds adverts onto your podcast? I’ve had the same problem where all the stats are from Ashburn VA but as I’ve investigated, it’s only happened since we’ve added adverts through Dynamo. I’d be interested to know if it’s the same for anyone else.
I've had the same exact problem. I joined Dynamo and now I end up with hundreds of plays from Ashburn, Virginia on all my tracks. Maybe this is something to ask the people at Dynamo, but certainly an odd trend.