Can I remove the tracks I "Liked" from my profile?

  • 3 February 2017
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I want to remove the tracks I "Liked" from my profile as I'm turning towards a more professional profile.

Thank you! 🙂

Best answer by Chris Mai 11 February 2017, 02:05

You can un-like the tracks.
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You can un-like the tracks.
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... by clicking the "like" button a second time. 😉
I have the same problem, but the 2 tracks I liked, because it let me download the track for free if I liked it.... and I think that is why it won't remove them from my page when I un-liked them.

I didn't know they were going to put them right on my page and now I'm pissed -I don't want them on my page, and there seems to be no way to remove them, short of deleting my profile and starting over.

need a solution, pleeeeease, somebody.
I just figured out my issue.... Had to click [un-repost] and they went away. Not un-follow and un-like.

Hope that helps someone.