Can't see my followers

  • 13 October 2017
  • 5 replies

SC says I have 13 followers but when I click "followers" I only see four. The four that I see happen to be people I'm also following, so I have to wonder if it's somehow filtering that way.

I want to know if the number 13 is wrong or if I just can't see my followers. I'm on the website on my Mac, not on a mobile app.

5 replies

I have the exact same issue- if anybody has an answer it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
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Hi there,

Sorry, this is caused by a caching delay on SoundCloud's end. This should be sorted for both of you within 24 hours from now.

Months later its still hasnt been fixed, i have the same issue
Hi, i have the same issue. I can't see who all my followers are, only a part of them. Is there any support for this issue? Thanks
Same issue happening over by me. Only this time, I can only see those who I am not following back.