Can you add a feature that matches other type of sounds with other ones?

  • 14 February 2015
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For example: Users can click "This sound is like: " and provide them another sound to match it to. All users can do this and the top number of "This is like"'s show up so other artists can be seen and so people can find many sounds like the one they are listening to. I compare it kind of to Apple's genius function but with actual users doing the matching and not some stupid algorithm.

Anyone agree/get my drift?

3 replies

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Hello Michael,
As far as I am aware, there is already such a feature in use. It's called 'recommended sounds' or something similar. When you listen to an artist and his/her playlist ends, usually 'recommended sounds' start playing.
Not what I mean. That's an automatic thing - I'm suggesting something more along of the lines of comparing sounds. You see a section called, "Other sounds like this". and it'll show a list with what people think sounds similar, with the most similar ones obviously being the at the top of the list.

Like I said, something similar to Genius. I'm not really interested in what it 'thinks' I'm interested in.
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I'm confused as what you really mean... Although I am not an official Soundcloud representative and don't work for them, because of my technical knowledge, I am sure the 'recommended sounds' thing is based on what 'users with similar interests have liked as well'.
But as I said, I'm not sure i know what you mean.
Good luck though. Here is how to suggest a new feature though...
Hope that helps.