Difference in follower counter vs. actual followers

  • 30 July 2017
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Today I was looking at my SoundCloud page, and I decided to test the number of followers displayed in the follower tab as opposed to the number of followers the counter by my bio stated. To my severe disappointment and frustration, I actually had around 150 followers less than my counter stated. I find this to be a very frustrating issue, as I actually have far less followers than I thought. I am writing this to inquire as to whether or not there is a way for the SoundCloud team to make the follower counter more accurate and register unfollows more quickly, so as not to create this kind of confusion and frustration for other community members.



1 reply

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Hi Evan,

This is a caching issue from our end. I've triggered for this to be recalculated for you now, so it should be in sync in a few minutes. Please note that we're notifying you when a user starts following, however we don't when they stop following, or delete their account, or if the account was suspended. This is why it can sometimes seem like the number should be higher then it actually is.