Disappearing likes from my songs

  • 24 December 2015
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Yesterday my most liked track (Arpanet Logical Map) showed about 59 likes, today only 2. This is not possible, because those likes were not made overnight, but they had a certain progression (mirroring the time frame of the sharing that I had done). Another track, Universe, also lost about 17 likes, and yet another 2 likes. This is not the first time for Arpanet Logical Map and Universe, they had already lost 10 likes before.

Overall likes :

Arpanet Logcal Map overall likes detail (only 2 likes show on the profile!)

Arpanet Logical Map likes in November

Universe overall likes detail (only 10 show in the profile) :

Thank you for your help,


2 replies

Likes are showing on my tracks in Stats and in Tracks (the option below Stats) but none are showing in Profile.
Same thing just happened to me, my most popular song that had 870 likes dropped down to 386 likes overnight and I'm freaking out. This is the most terrible feeling! Please soundcloud, fix this! I spent weeks networking and sharing this to achieve these stats, and spend hundreds of dollars a year on my soundcloud membership. I'm very disappointed 😞