Discrepancy in play counts/stats

  • 12 July 2019
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I asked this question a little while ago, but then the specific case somehow seemed to clear itself up in my stats. Now, however, I'm seeing the same problem again: the total number of plays for a particular track shows correctly in the stats for that particular track, but a small number of plays shows up in "all time," etc. totals and in the "top played tracks" stats for that track. I'm talking about a small number, but I still would like to understand and correct the discrepancy. The track in this particular case is titled "Adelaide," my latest posted, which has received so far 137 plays, but in the "top played tracks" totals for "last 7 days" through "all time" the stats show only 132 plays -- why? How/why does this occur, and what can I do to prevent or correct it? I actually saw the "all time" total on my app suddenly drop by a count of five the other day. Help?

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