Everyday, I have one or two more plays in my stats, how can I know that plays is real or fake?

  • 4 April 2016
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I have someone listen to my songs everyday. I thought that it was from my friends or somebody who enjoy my music. But how can I know if these plays are fake or not, because I've noticed some fake plays when my songs are first uploaded for a few hours. I don't share my music anywhere, It's just my and some of my friends know my soundcloud. Please answer me because it's really important.

1 reply

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Hi You yourself, ;-)

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we have no means of confirming whether or not these plays came from a fraudulent source.

It could be that someone paid for your plays to be increased, or you were mistakenly subject to fake plays bought for another account. We do not condone of people paying to increase their plays, and our trust and safety engineers are working on improving our anti-spam systems to weed out fake plays.

If your stats allow you to see the users who listened, you can take a look at their profiles, seeing how active they are on the community, what other content they like, repost, etc., to get a feeling if an account is real of fake. Our Trust & Safety team is constantly trying to improve their measures to detect fake or spam profile as early as possible. I'll forward your feedback to the team.