Fake listening?

  • 27 June 2016
  • 2 replies

Hello guys.
There is something strange with one track..

7 months ago i uploaded a track:

Is just a song i love and wanted to share.

In 7 months it got < 500 listening

Yesterday it got 10k listening all in one day...

What's going on?

Since along this 10k listening there wasn't any interaction at all (at least one dude could have like the song) it seems they are automatically generated listening..

Are they automatic?
If yes, why?

2 replies

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Thanks for reaching out. We have no means of confirming whether or not your recent spike in plays came from a fraudulent source, but we can see they are concentrated to a specific number of locations that are often flagged for fake plays. The plays also came directly from the track page, which suggests that these plays have been bought.

It could be that someone paid for your plays to be increased, or you were mistakenly subject to fake plays bought for another account. We do not condone of people paying to increase their plays, and our trust and safety engineers are working on improving our anti-spam systems to weed out fake plays.

I'm afraid we do not have the technical means of reverting, or adjusting, play counts. You can delete and re-upload a track to refresh the play count, but keep in mind this means all Likes, Comments and Re-posts will also be lost.

Our Trust & Safety team are working towards this though so in the future we can eradicate this problem and be in a better position to combat fake activity.

Okay thank you for you reply. Very clear.

I also have received in recent times fake likes and fake followers promoting similar stuff.

Is not going to be easy to avoid all this spam, but surely Soundcloud will be a much better place without it!
Glad you are working on it!