Fake plays received

  • 8 January 2019
  • 2 replies

We received 600 fake plays on a song this morning, which sucks because well, I take considerable pride in getting plays "the hard way" and would NEVER purchase fake plays.

I opened a ticket with the help center to report the issue, but never got an email that the ticket was received (it said I would after submitting the form)

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what was done about it. What can I expect? Is there a better way to go about reporting this issue? Should I be alarmed that I did not get an email?

2 replies

There is someone on here called Music Promotion Corp and they have a few different pages with slight changes to the name. Everytime I put a track on Repost Exchange they repost the track and what follows is my stats show tons of plays......these are obviously fake plays caused by them ( they are a "Soundcloud Promotion" company)I have blocked them and reported them but it seems another page pops up by the same peopleand it happens again.

Here is a few pages but there are others with slight difference to the name.....always have the same profile picture though.


Soundcloud appear to do nothing though as the ones I have reported are still going strong.
Thanks so much for the tidbits of insight. I have recently been weighing the benefits of using RepostExchange and I dont really think (at least for my stuff) that is provides any significant benefit that I dont already get from frequent participation and support of the SC community.

That may just be the final cut that makes me decide RepostExchange isn't worth it for me.

Thanks for the info and the links, I will keep an eye out for those folks and avoid them, though I typically avoid following most repost accounts like this anyways. I just dont see the point. Some I do, if they are a trusted tastemaker for me then yeah of course I follow. But these "message us for repost to 20K followers" accounts are just bogus.