Finding a song that disappeared from my reposts/likes

  • 24 January 2019
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Hi, i know this silly question has been asked a dozen times, but i'm desperate and ive looked everywhere i can for months and i'd love to hear it again because i find it to be a really good song hence all my effort to find it. perhaps someone has passed by this song too and knows something more or can help me find it or if the soundcloud support can somehow at least see stats of a deleted song, because i know the song name which is i quote "PULL UP (LEAKED)", the used image was a screenshot of a conversation on messenger or the iphone sms app and there's a heart emoji placed on the image somewhere, with white and blue text balloons, i cannot exactly recall the uploader's name perhaps its account has been removed or the uploader just removed the song or made it private i don't know, i think the uploader's name is something that looks lik "QC" i might be wrong about the uploader's name,
but perhaps the song has been uploaded by the actual artist on soundcloud or somewhere else and somebody would know what it's called. it's a rap song and it starts with some bell sounds, then there's a bassline kicking in. and starts rapping something among the lines "pull up to the scene, pull up to the ..?, i can pour the lean (i can pour the lean), those are the first lines of the song.
It has very few plays, i thought a couple thousand plays, there's a small chance but if someone could help me out finding this tune's name, or the uploader on soundcloud's name and if the account is deleted or if the song happens to be private or deleted, i'd be extremely grateful!
Thanks in advance.

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