Finding out the timestamp on comments in private/quiet mode

  • 3 April 2019
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Hi all!

I recently uploaded 5 demo's in a private playlist to send to friends and fellow producers for feedback. At the moment I got alot of comments in return, but lots of them are mixing related like: "the shakers here are resonant" or ''this needs a push of 3db @500hz''.

Now I would like to know where in the track (timestamp) these comments are placed. But since I activated quiet mode they are not appearing in the soundcloud wave format.. Worst case scenario I could deactivate quiet mode.. But I was wondering is there is a general overview (or per track) of all the comments and at what timestamp they we're written.

Also, to add to this: I can see the comment counter showing the amount of comments, but when I click on them I don't see anything. Also on my soundcloud app (android)going to track --> information --> comments it tells me this track has no comments/reactions (which is not the case because I see them in my notifications)


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